When was the last time you had a family bonding?

When was the last time you had a family bonding?

I remember when we celebrate my mom’s birthday at SM Bacoor that was the last time we have a family bonding. We make sure we are complete even though my other sibling is away because she’s working in other country.

Why we only have limited time to bond, because of our schedule, we have different work schedule.
On that day (dinner), we ate at Gerry’s Grill. The food is good and we all love it.
Off course, celebration is not really complete without the picture taking of the whole family. Actually one of my cousin and my brother’s girlfriend are also there to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I know and we all know that we can consider them as part of the family.

And before that dinner, I have a fun run on the afternoon which is the Nike Manila Run 10K held at 24th Street Bonifacio Global City. Too many runners joined the fun run and what makes this fun run different from others fun run? Is it because the run is at night and the BIB number was printed on your shirt.

Another family bonding in celebrating our niece 3rd Birthday at Gerry's Grill SM Bacoor.

Alyssa Nicole Paragoyo 3rd Birthday

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