TravBuddy’s Weekend Getaway

TravBuddy’s Weekend Getaway
Tagaytay City

Members of Travbuddy’s decided to explore Tagaytay City for one day. We decided to rent a van instead of commute to feel relax and easy to explore the place. All are excited and supposedly we are 13 members to the trip but some members decided not to join because of their personal reasons, so we end up to 8 members. Like what other’s says, “The show must go on”.

Who’s who?

Raj – from Germany
Evan – from Australia (a half Filipino and half Australian)
George – from Australia
Richard – from Manila Philippines (cousin of Evan)
Peter – from Makati
Laisa – from Makati
Cathy – from Pasig
Ace – from Cavite
JV – our Driver (not a member of TravBuddy’s)

Places/Resto we've visited?

Caleruega – close to nature closer to God. You have to pay 30 pesos per head. You will see hanging bridge, small fish pond, small church and a lot more.

Bag of Beans (for our late breakfast) – I tried the Funny Face Breakfast. J . We decided between Mushroom Burger and Bag of Beans but we end up to Bag of Beans because other’s wanted to buy a coffee.

Tagaytay Residence (Mini Zoo) – We go to this place but after we saw the entrance fee of 249 pesos per head, we decided not to enter. Why? It’s too expensive and not acceptable. (This is our own opinion).

Tagaytay Ridge – Things you can do are horseback riding and Taal Volcano sightseeing. You have to pay 30 pesos after you visit the place (for the whole group).

Picnic Grove – Before you enter to this place, theyu will check how many people inside the car for the entrance fee that you have to pay before you exit to the place. For adult the entrance fee is 50 pesos per head and 50 pesos for the parking. Some Travbuddy’s members tried Zipline while others watched them and took some photos. After that we explore the place following the stair/path way going back to the parking. Best place for family bonding while having a picnic (they have cottages but not free).

People’s Park in the Sky – Things to do is sightseeing and you will see fog surrounds the place, beautiful view of Tagaytay Highlands. The entrance fee is 30 pesos per head and if you want to ride in a jeepney going to the top the fee is 5 pesos per head.

Tagaytay Highlands – One of the best places to visit but you should be a member before you can enter to the place. What we did is to try and ask them if we can visit the place although we are not a member, but suddenly were failed to enter. Like what I said, only for the members.

Leslies – We decided to eat for lunch (although the time is past 3 pm), we tried their best seller Special Bulalo worth 599 pesos. We ordered two special bulalo and other foods to try. Member’s from other country like it and they said that the taste is good. After eating we take some photos while sightseeing at Taal Volcano. (Bulalo, Bicol Express, Pork Sisig and Buttered Crab)

Special Bulalo

Pork Sisig

Fruits Stands along the road – one of the member bought ripe mango.

This is the end of our trip and it’s time to go back to Manila. Although we look all tired but were all happy and have a great time at Tagaytay.

Some comments from Travbuddy’s Members:

@Cathy – had a great time with u guys. Tnx and til nxt time.

@Laisa – that was fun trip. Thanks also. Take care.

@Evan – we had a good time. Take care

@Peter – Absolutely.. Thanks.. Till nxt time mate. See u later.
@Raj – It was a nice trip with very good company. Cheers.

Additional Information:
For Van Rent – you can contact Sir JV – 09276753207. For Our one day trip to Tagaytay including Caleruega the cost is 4500 pesos including diesel, driver and toll fee.

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