Canon Photo Marathon 2011

Canon Photo Marathon 2011

I’m very happy that I became part of this event, all canon camera owners either point or shoot or dslr are very welcome to join. When the time they open the online registration, I was not able to register on that date and time, I’ve tried for one hour but still failed. Then in the other day, I tried to register around 8 am and I was able to register.

For my preparation to the photo marathon, I tried to explore my camera by changing settings to get a better shot. And on the day of the competition, November 12, 2011 at Philippine Training Trade Center. Too many people registered it’s about 6,700 if I’m not mistaken and the CEO of Canon in Asia announced that Philippines got the most registered participant all over the Asia.
Before they announce the theme for this competition, we have a group pictures first. Smile to the max because it will publish to the Canon website. Then they announced the first theme for the morning and you should be able to provide a photo within 3 hours. The location where you can take a picture is at Pasay, Makati and Manila. For the 1st theme, I went to CCP and Manila Bay and took some pictures of the place. Then after that I went back to the event site and upload my photo, after the uploading they provided free lunch for everyone courtesy of Mang Inasal. Then at exactly 1:30 pm they announced the second theme, so I went to Intramuros to take some pictures that will suit to the theme. After that I went back then upload my second photo. Then we have a free snack, while eating our snack, Kuya Kim and Piolo Pascual with Canon Models entertain all participants together with the Canon masters in photography. And before I forgot, I meet lots of professional and beginner in photography. Some share their experience and techniques. Then at 6:30 pm they serve free dinner, after dinner stayed for another 30 minutes before leaving the site because it’s time to went home and have a rest for my tomorrow’s activity, (Fun Run).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Canon Philippines for the kit (t-shirt, cap and some magazines), free printing of one photo and lots of prizes in their raffle draw.

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