Baguio Food Trip

Savory Fastfood Baguio

- kangkong with crispy pork
- combo 1 (chicken, spareribs,turon, yangchow)

Figaro Baguio

- banoffee pie, calamansi frost and coffee au lait

50's Diner

- guys on the hood and shrimp pasta

Starbucks Baguio

- mango yogurt cake, coffee jelly, and hot green tea latte

Sizzling Plate Baguio

- Australian rib-eye and sizzling sisig

Cafe by the Ruins

- kamote bread, morocan mint tea and ceylon tea

Good Taste Restaurant

- crispy pata and fried rice

Central Park

- pork siomai, central park dumplings, wanton noodles, green mango shake, central park platter

Cafe Picarre

- hot tea and Vienna coffee

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