Luneta Park

Luneta Park

A place where you can find the monument of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. A place where you can see group of people like students, families, children’s, lovers, vendor’s, photographer’s and group of friends. Some are walking around the park, laying in the grass and have a picnic, watching the fountain show, moments for the lover’s, vendor’s selling foods and toys, photographer’s taking pictures with pay :) . Some foods that I notice is our very own dirty ice cream which I did not forget to bought, pop corn, Indian mango and a lot more.

After many years, I may say that Luneta Park changed a lot. Like before you will able to see the map of the Philippines, now they removed it and put the musical fountain. One of the new things I saw are the newly designed kalesa, I mean not the ordinary Kalesa. You will see also a mini train moving around the Luneta Park but off course you have to pay. You will see our many heroes head statue around the park and some abstract art.












At the park they also have other sightseeing that you have to pay before you can enter; the amount is between 20 to 50 pesos. Like the Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal, Japanese Orchid and a lot more. The park is one of the tourist spot, at the time I visit the place I saw many tourist like Korean’s, Japanese, English and Spanish. You will also notice our very own national animal around the park, the Carabao. For safety especially for the tourist, we have guard and police at the place. For call of nature, you can find many comfort room around the park and off course you have to pay also.

When you visit Luneta Park, you can reach also places/buildings like the Department of Tourism, Quirino Grandstand, Lapu-Lapu shrine, Children’s Museum and Manila Ocean Park. And the nearest hotel and one of the oldest hotels in our country is the Manila Hotel.

I suggest visiting the place at night to witness the colorful musical fountain. 

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