High School Get2gether

High School Get2gether
June 15, 2012

I've just posted in our Facebook HS Page, something like "Dinner Tomorrow at MOA 6:30 PM". My High Schools Classmates likes it but why we end up to SM Bacoor? Because they are thinking that If it is near in all our places/houses probably we can make more attendees. So we decided to meet at SM Bacoor at 6:00 PM Filipino Time. Then the time has come and we meet all at National Book Store around 7:00 PM. I think we are more than 30's students in our section but a total of 8's show up.

So, what we expect with our get2gether, eats, chitchat, pictures.

We always miss our High School Life and off course our classmates/friends.

We ate at Gerry’s Grill SM Baccor , foods are all delicious. After that we decided to go to Bialetti to continue chitchat while having a cup of coffee/juice near SM Baccor.

Who’s who?

Cathleah Ribon – HS Ramp Model
Ace Paragoyo – HS Benign and Heedful
Marcelino Lacson – HS Tenser of D’Class and Simpleton
Airell Villadares – HS Amiable and Diminutive
Winnie Fe Torres – HS Amiable and Xanthochroid
Raquel Alvero – HS Innocent Type and Banter
Lyjie Daniel – HS Serious and Astute
Nela Mae Reyes – HS Morena Beauty and Performers

The question now is when will be our next Big Get2gether? That I don’t know. :)

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