The chosen Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippine All-Star presented by Alaska

The chosen Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippine All-Star presented by Alaska

Last April 26, the Alumni All-Star Game - Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska with Ruth Riley of WNBA and Nerlens Noel of Philadelphia 76ers NBA held at SM Mall of Asia concert hall. The event was attended by different people like the basketball fanatics, friends from media, representatives of the events partners, supporters of all the players for the basketball tournament, representatives from NBA and WNBA that flew to Manila to witness the tournament and guided all the players, we also have different coaches around the Philippines who became part of this event and some of our known basketball players and coaches in PBA.

Before the game started, all guest are able to visit each booth prepared by all the partners of this event, each booth has their own unique game that each guest can win different freebies. The presented partner, Alaska setup a booth for free cold drinks of their Alaska milk and chocolate and a free bag tag with your photo. The official partners like Gatorade set up a booth to like their facebook page and you will get a free bottle of Gatorade drink. Globe setup an interactive photo booth where you have a backup cheer dancers before taking pictures. Phoenix Petroleum, their booth is to have a 100 points in their shoot that ball game. The supporting partners, Spalding also set up a shoot that ball game but in a small ring using a small ball, 5 shoots will get a prize, KFC provided the food for all the participants. The official NBA broadcaster was also present in that event to cover the game, Basketball TV, NBA Premium and ABS-CBN Sports + Action.

The game started against Team Ruth and Team Nerlens with the Jr. NBA Alumni that became the products of the Jr. NBA Philippines presented by Alaska. You can check the list of players below.

They are all been united that day and becomes their reunion remembering their days in Jr. NBA Philippines.

The winning team is Team Ruth. You can check the video/photos below for some highlights of their game.

To give you some background of the NBA stars that joined this event, Nerlens Noel is one of the Philadelphia 76ers player for center position and Ruth Riley is the WNBA legend, she became member of different WNBA’s team for forward/center position.

Nerlens Noel
Me with Ruth Riley

After the Alumni Game, the chosen Jr.NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippines players are ready for the tournament, the match setup is to play the basketball and enjoy the game, and the game is not who will win the match, but it is how each player played the game. To give you some background on how each player has been chosen. The Alaska’s Nutrition Action Champion program go to the Philippines together with Chris Summer the NBA coach and lead coach of Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA program of Alaska Jeff Cariaso. The participants in each place in the Philippines were not just trained in the fundamentals of basketball but also to learned the importance of the core value of sportsmanship, teamwork, a positive attitude, and respect also known as STAR. The chosen players aged 10 to 14 years old.

Then the game started for Jr. WNBA Philippines players then followed by Jr. NBA Philippines players, each player have their own supporters even from media people, they cheer to their rooting team and they cheer also once their favorite players able to shoot the ball, there is no pressure in each game but giving their best to impress the people and the committee will lead them to become the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippine All-Start. And all players was determined not only in this tournament but from the day that this program started since January 24, 2015 conducted by Alaska.

You can check the video/photos below for some highlights of their game.


The game is over and the Jr.NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippine All-Star was chosen. But before they announced the top 10 Jr. NBA and top 5 Jr. WNBA, they also awarded some players in each different field such as the Jr.NBA Ambassador and Jr. WNBA Ambassador and each partner of this event was provided awards also in each chosen players. And even the best coach for male and female.
Best coaches

Kyla Flores - Jr. WNBA Ambassador and Miguel Luigi Santos - Jr.NBA Ambassador

The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA 2015 All-Stars with Nerlens Noel and Ruth Riley (L-R): (First Row) Micaela Pentecostes, Nelia Jean David, Luisa Krizelle San Juan, Kyla Flores, Heart Pagaran Donor (Second Row) Joshua Garing, Robert Alomar Castro, Ernest John Felicidad, Christian Allen Magno, Lloyd Raphael Oliva, Miguel Luigi Santos, Daniel Coo,  Luis Sebastian Locsin, Edrian Custodio and Jeffy Mailim.
Congratulations! #JRNBAPH #JRWNBAPH

All chosen Jr.NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippine All-Star will enjoy the experience of a lifetime with fellow all-stars from Southeast Asia and will travel abroad later in the year to watch an actual National Basketball Association game and meet NBA stars.

If you or your children’s want to become a champion, join Alaska’s Nutrition Action Champion Program. For more information on Jr. NBA Philippines visit; Alaska Basketball Power Camp visit: and for live Twitter updates, follow: @ALASKAsportshub.

A preview of what to expect in this program.

Alaska Basketball Power Camp 2015

Other Photos

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