Hotpot Buffet at Four Seasons Hotpot City

This is my first time to try the hot pot buffet in Four Seasons Hotpot City that provides a different kind of raw food like seafood, meat, and vegetables. Four Seasons Hotpot City also have different types of noodles that you can choose, a different kind condiments for the sauce. Four Seasons hotpot city not only provides what to cook in your pot, but they also have a different viand to choose even their set of appetizers like sushi and salad. They also have a different set of desserts such as crepe, kakainin, pannacotta, halo halo even fruits and a lot more.

Four Seasons have different types of soup, either chicken soup, beef soup or some condiments to make your soup flavorful. And before I forgot, they have a variety of drinks to choose, either juice, shakes, coffee or beers. Their soup base are prepared in a light and healthy way. However, you can add more condiments to enhance the flavors. 

Checking the place, off course it was big and you will notice, inside Four Seasons hotpot City looks like Vikings because the owner of both buffet restaurant is only one. They make it big to accommodate their many customer and the guest that patronize Vikings and would like to try Four Seasons. 

If you guys want to have a privacy or team meeting, they can accommodate you in their separate room which has a big round table that have 12 electric stove, not like the table set outside the room, they only have one electric stove, to open your electric stove you just have to use your finger and touch the on button. To level the temperature of your electric stove, you just have to touch the low, medium and high button. Always ask their staff to guide you on how to operate their electric stove. All the food are line horizontally in the middle part of the restaurant, which you can choose seafood, appetizer, dessert, other meat, and drinks. And because Four Seasons Hotpot City is located along the Bay Side, you will have a chance to see the sunset and take some photos while eating. :)

I really enjoyed cooking of all my chosen variety of food like seafood, vegetables and meat (pork/beef) best if you dip it in a so delicious sauce after you cook it. Make sure you did a good combination of all condiments for your sauce.


The sauce
prepared of Ms. Raquel from Four Seasons Marketing Team
After my hot pot experienced, I tried their tempura which is very tasty even without dipping in a sauce. 

I've tasted also some of the desserts available at Four Seasons Hotpot City, like mango blueberry soufflĂ©, choco English pudding, Brazo de Mercedez, cherry pannacotta, ube pannacotta, mango pannacotta and chocolate pannacotta. From all the dessert, I've tried I really like Ube Panna Cotta, not too sweet and the taste of ube is good which compliments to the pannacotta ingredients.

For the drinks, I was able to try their Chang beer from Thailand and the taste is more likely our light beer here with 6.0 volume of alcohol. I tasted all the juice by putting a small amount in my glass, but the drink that makes my glass get it full is their homemade ice tea. 

And what I've cooked in my pot? 

Here are some of the raw seafood and vegetables I've got to cook.

 To balance my appetite of all the food I've eaten, I get some slice of orange. 

And to give you on what you will expect when you visit Four Seasons Hotpot City, please watch the video of each food station and their dining setup.


Adult Weekday Lunch: 588
Adult Weekday Dinner: 788
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner = 788

Kids below 3 ft: FREE
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 188
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 288
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 288
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Lunch: 288
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Dinner: 388
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 388
*Prices are subject to 5% service charge.

For complete list of promo, you may visit their website,

Other Information:

Location: Bldg. E, SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines
Contacts: 831-7777, 835-7777
Monday – Sunday
Lunch: 11:00 – 2:30
Dinner: 5:30 – 10:00

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