Uncle Tetsu - Cheese Cake

Have you guys tried cheese cake from Uncle Tetsu?

I've tried both original Japanese cheese cake and one with spread and toppings. I both love the taste and the one with spread and toppings, the spread I choose is dulce de leche and that was good, it added sweetness in my cheese cake and for the toppings I choose almonds flakes and chocolate chips. So, when you bite your cheese cake it was crunchy and a good combination for your fluffy cheesecake. They also have different flavors of cheese cakes, chocolate, fruit, and classic. 

Cheese cake with Dulce de Leche spread and Almond flakes and chocolate chips toppings
Classic Cheese Cake
So what are you waiting for? You may visit now their branches in some selected Malls including SM Fairview, The Podium, SM San Lazaro, Alabang Town Center, SM Bacoor and SM Mall of Asia. Uncle Tetsu cheese cake are baked fresh daily using the finest dairy and eggs that you can share with your families and friends as a take home surprise and they will love this melt-in-your-mouth light and fluffy cake with no preservatives added. Uncle Tetsu all offers cheese cake toast and chocolate cheese cake toast. Other branches sell per slice of cheese cake and a promo of Buy 10 cheese cake and get 1 free cheese cake.

Classic cheese cake and Chocolate cheese cake toast

For Freshness Tips:
  • Refrigerate the cake within 12 hours from the date of purchase.
  • Consume the cake within 3 days from the date of production.
  • The cake should be kept inside the box with the cake cloth if to be chilled.
  • The cake can be microwaved for 15 seconds at medium-high setting to achieve the melt-in-your-mouth texture.
  • Cheese cake toast should be consumed within 7 days from the date of production.

I think kids/adults will like this new offerings of Uncle Tetsu to create their own cheese cake version with various toppings and spread, So when you buy the original Japanese cheese cake for 299 pesos, you have to add 60 pesos for your choose of 1 spread and 2 toppings. For the spreads, you can choose from blueberry, strawberry, mango and dulce de leche. And for the toppings you can choose from dried mango, marshmallow, m&m’s, pretzels, almond flakes, chocolate balls, chocolate coins, marble drops, gummy candy and colored sprinkles. Their baker will put your chosen spread and toppings on your cheese cakes.

Create Your Own Cheese Cake Version
From Classic Cheese Cake
Added Dulce de Leche spread
Added Almond Flakes toppings
Added Chocolate Chips toppings

Create Your Own Cheese Cake Version Video

And to give you some background of Uncle Tetsu, Uncle Tetsu started as a confectionery store called Hana Jam in Maizuru Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Japan in 1984. Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake was developed in 1990. The name “Uncle Tetsu” was coined from the last name of its founder, Mizokami Tetsushi. Today, this original Japanese cheese cake has branches in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and now, the Philippines.

Please see photos below for some sample of creating your own cheese cakes.


Included 1 Disposable Cake Knife
You may want to follow Uncle Tetsu in the following social media account.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uncletetsuPH
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uncletetsuph
Instagram: http://instagram.com/uncletetsuph


The Place

Thanks, Sir Charles for the other photos.

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    1. You must try Ten Uy, you will love the taste! :)

  2. I have a sweet tooth! Need to experience the taste!

  3. This reminded me of the other day in which my youngest granddaughter celebrated her 2nd birthday. I bought a medium cake for her birthday from a Foodman and she did really enjoy and was happy about it. Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake is an option for me if there is one here in our place.

    1. You can check their FB page in my post, they updated if they open new stores near your place.

  4. I'm an everything sweet junkie, must not let this pass! :)

    Lois of www.loisbaguio.com

    1. common Lois, buy now! you will love it :)

  5. Not bad for 300 pesos. I'm craving now.

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    1. common Rodel! buy now and you will love the taste :)

  7. wow really too crazy food, I saw this foods my mouth delivered water, all food items are super and mouthwatering
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  8. I wanted to buy a slice of this at SM Fairview but they don't sell slices yet. But because of this post, I want to buy a whole na. Ooohh you made me crave for cheese cake!! haha

    1. Yes, buy the whole cheese cake and don't forget the spread and toppings to add more flavor!

  9. Not really a fan of cheesecake but your "Cheese cake with Dulce de Leche spread and Almond flakes and chocolate chips toppings" makes me wanna try it!

    1. You should try ED nything! you will love the taste :)

  10. I haven't try Uncle Tetsu Cheese cake yet. They all look yumy. I wanna try the classic cheese cake. ;-)

  11. i have been seeing this in the malls and very scred to try. But now that I get to see them close, that looks yum and worth a try!

    1. yes, you must try now and better if you put spread :)

  12. Those slices of cheesecake look really yummy! Now I'm craving! I hope they'll open a branch in SM North or Trinoma. :)

    1. I think it will be available soon. :)

    2. I am very choosy with cheesecakes as I don't always like its taste but this one looks really yummy. I also love the idea that I can do my own cheesecake!:)

  13. I'm not that hug fan for sweet stuff but these want me to eat them everyday. LOL. Can we together when I get back to Philippines this coming February?

  14. I'm not that huge fan for sweet stuff but these want me to eat them everyday. LOL. Can we go together when I get back to Philippines this coming February?

    1. Hi, Kim.

      Yes, I am happy to go with you and let's both try their different cheese cakes, just let me know the exact date. :) email me at lgeood03@yahoo.com