Life Style: Master Hanz Cua - Making Christmas Celebration Joyful and Prosperous

Making Christmas Celebration Joyful and Prosperous

The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Every Pinoy finds time, no matter where they are, or what they are doing, to come together as a family. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and share with our loved ones the blessings we have worked for and received throughout the year.

 Is Feng Shui practice compatible with Christmas? Psychic and Feng Shui expert, Master Hanz Cua says, “Absolutely!” Feng Shui is all about bringing good chi (cosmic energy) into our life. Christmas is a perfect time to invite prosperity into our homes. As we make our plans to get together with our families to make merry, we can also put some Feng Shui touches into our holiday.

The Christmas Tree. In Feng Shui , trees generally symbolize abundance. Green color denotes wealth, and the evergreen tree, which is commonly used, means affluence that lasts a long, long time. The tree should be tall, at least higher than the tallest person in the home. The tree’s size signifies abundance. Decorate generously with Christmas balls, sparkly trimmings and lights. The grander and more colorful your tree, the more positive chi you will attract into your home.

Gifts. Sometimes, people like to display “faux” gift boxes at the foot of the tree. According to Feng Shui belief, this should not be: an empty box is just a shell. A hollow container symbolizes zero abundance. The gift boxes you put under your tree must have something in them.

Christmas balls. When decorating using Christmas balls, Master Hanz advises that you follow the Five Element formula of Feng Shui by using all the five colors that represent each element.

Fire-red, yellow, orange, pink

Water- blue, purple

Metal-gold, silver


Earth-crystal, stones

Bright Lights. Light symbolizes “yang” energy. It is lively and vibrant and makes people bubbly and social. So, more lights mean more joyful feelings for all. Christmas lights on the main door or front of the house beckon positive chi to come in. Parols that light up are particularly auspicious d├ęcor to hang on the eaves of your house and on the windows.

Other meaningful decorations that invite abundance:

Wreaths-the green color signifies wealth.

Poinsettias-their bright red leaves signify fire, auspicious energy and happiness.

The Belen-the manger scene depicting the newborn Christ surrounded by his Mary, Joseph and other biblical characters is a display that uplifts the spiritual feelings of people who look at it. Even as we invite prosperity we must not forget the reason for the season. 

Other Information:
Location: Level 1 EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Phone: (+63)9228290382   

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  1. Happy Holidays.. Seems like I am a constant visitor to this blog.. Enjoy!!

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    Happy Holydays and happy Xmas
    bye my friend
    from Italy

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  4. I enjoyed reading about the connection between Feng Shui and Christmas ornaments. It's funny how I haven't considered these info since I'm into Feng Shui myself. PS, thanks for putting the contact details of Hanz Cua here. My friend was telling me about a Feng Shui Master in Shang, but she couldn't remember his name so I guess, Master Hanz is the person she was telling me about.

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  11. I like the tips that when decorating using Christmas balls, we should follow the Five Element formula of Feng Shui. The idea of using all of the five colors representing each element definitely got me trying it!

  12. I studied Feng Shui so it easy refreshing to read this post. I'm a huge fan of color and balance, and practise that philosophy in my home. Happy Holidays!

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