NAV - Modern Thai Cuisine

Modern Thai Cuisine

Have you been to authentic Thai cuisine?

If not yet, I would like to recommend Nav modern Thai restaurant, Nav served authentic Thai cuisine like Pad Thai, Thai rice (bagoong rice), chicken satay and a lot more even drinks if you know Thai milk tea. From the list that I mentioned there are other food that they served, you can check the menu in the link provided under other information.

The place is not the usual restaurant that can accommodate more than 50 customers. In their first floor, they have two dining sets that can accommodate 8 to 10 persons, and in their second floor they have five dining sets that can accommodate from 20 to 24 persons. This is our first time to eat at Nav and we are all excited to try their food, we are the only customer at that time, so what I did is I took some photos of the restaurant from the entrance up to the second floor. 

After that we check their menu and ordered, first is chicken satay, I like the taste and it makes it even better with the peanut sauce which is a good combination, the second is the grilled beef slab, it was so tender and was also tastes good and best to put some sauces, the third one is the seafood (yellow curry) that consist of mixed seafood with vegetables, it compliments to our other food that we ordered. 

Grilled Beef Slab
Chicken Satay
Seafood - Yellow Curry

For our rice, we ordered the plain rice instead of bagoong rice just to make the rice fit with our food and will not added additional flavor from the bagoong rice ingredients and that was good and a good choice. 

For our drinks we tried their different kind of drinks like pandan juice, citrus juice, lemongrass juice and Thai milk tea. From all the drinks that we ordered, I like the taste of the citrus juice a combination of fresh lemon, calamansi and dalandan.

Thai Milk Tea
Lemongrass Juice
Citrus Juice
Pandan Juice

While we were eating, some guest are coming and from what I saw and heard someone is celebrating her birthday and she chooses Nav maybe because they also love the taste of all the dishes and even the service.

Nominated for Best Thai Restaurant in Manila

For the price, the total bill for all our dishes including drinks is 1800 pesos which includes tax of 150 pesos and service charge of 150 pesos also. The price is not too expensive and it was worth it because of the good taste of all the food that we ordered.

If I will rate Nav from 1 to 9, for the food I will give 9 points, for the price 9 points also but the place i will give 7 points, it would be 9 it they can extended the space so that they can accommodate more customers. 

Other Information:
Location: United St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact: (02)655 8395
Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM


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  1. Haha, I must admit I haven't tasted Thai yet. I know, but it was nice to see all those food that makes me hungry! Peace! :))

  2. The only thai I know is thai horror movies ;) I have a thing with milk tea's!!! Kamusta naman their version?

  3. Looks so good, the food and the place. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Looks yummy! I haven't tried Thai foods yet.

  5. That Pandan Juice O_O!

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  7. Nav was near my office before and I've been walking pass it for 2yrs+ but never tried it. Upon seeing your post, I think I should've tried it back then. T_T Those dishes look delicious!!

    1. you must try and please let me know if its good! :)

  8. Seems like a good place. Will probably bring along my girlfriend here. We are both foodies anyway :)

    1. you should both try and please let me know if its good! :)

  9. Cool place. I will check it out for sure. There's another Thai restaurant in Greenbelt, the People's Palace, you might want to check that out too :).


  10. I honestly am not a fan of Thai food because they are usually spicy which I'm not allowed to consume. But I've heard from friends that Thai food are really flavorful. I'll recommend this to them.

    1. yes and not all Thai food are spicy, please try! :)

  11. Thai foods are very popular here in Kuwait and its nice to know that its making a step there in PH. I love to try that bagoong rice someday when I get back home. Thank you for sharing!

    1. yes, you must try and let me know if its good! :)