Life Style: Master Hanz Cua - Business and Investment Forecast for 2015

Business and Investment Forecast for 2015
by Master Hanz Cua

Lucky Business for 2015

The Year of the Wood Sheep is a year that you should invest on businesses that are connected to the Element of Wood. Wood industry covers the following: Furniture, Paper, Rubber, Tree Plantation, Carton, Flower Shop, Magazines, and Newspaper.

Wood is the Wealth Element

Green is the colour of auspiciousness; it enhances the wealth luck for the year 2015. The Year of the Wood Sheep is also a good time to invest on Fire Industry. This covers the following:  Food, Restaurant, LPG, Gas, Light, Electronics, Electric, Technology, Internet and Computer. Fire is also the Red Power Element. The wearing of red, yellow and orange enhances power and influence.

Business and Investment Forecast

The dates between Feb 4th to April 4th 2014, is excellent for investing in the business of fashion , textile and real estate.  Between April 5th to June 5th 2014, it is favourable to invest in agriculture and papers or rubber related trade. From 7th Aug to Oct 8th 2014, it is a good time to invest in cars and tourism-related business. The  8th Oct to 6th of Dec, is a favourable time to invest in plantation and food related business. A word of caution: Be careful on doing any investments during the Ghost month which falls on August 14, 2015 to September 12, 2015.

The Philippine Economy

President Benigno Aquino Jr. needs to set more goals and plans at start of the year. The Year of the Sheep will be an unpredictable year for him. He needs to set up a backup plan for any uncertainties. The president will need to travel and meet more foreign dignitaries in order to generate more wealth for the country.
For the Year of the Wood Sheep, he can expect his Health Luck to be very good. His Love Luck is also strong this year. The Philippines is located in the South East part of Asia. The Southeast flies the Star of Illness for 2015, expect Earth related illness on this coming year.

Business Opening

Also on the forecast for the Year of the Wood Sheep, overseas remittance will strengthen. There will be more overseas work opportunity. The tourism industry will also be generating good income.

Enhancing Business Luck for 2015

·         It is important to use the North Main Door, which is the #1 Most Auspicious sector of wealth.  Enhance it with a water fountain, place the telephone, fax machine and printer on this sector. It will guarantee to enhance more luck.
·         Putting a bright light at the SW will enhance fame and recognition of your company. Using the SW sector door provides in the increase of sales, promoting a long and permanent income.
·         Use the North East sector to enhance networking, meeting influential clients that will give referrals to your company. Place a 6-rod Metal Chimes or a Citrine crystal will also enhance this sector.
·         Put water in the East to awaken good fortune and the success luck of your company, this will accumulate more luck with wealth and business success.
·         Place Wood elements in your office.
·         Use the colour Green in your office by painting it on the walls or incorporating it in the interior design.

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