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Now Showing: The Avengers: Age of Ultron in 3D at Starmall Cinemas’ all-new digital movie theaters

Starmall Cinema’s offered the very best in releasing a regular films and festivals packed with quality commercials, all in a warm architectural design and friendly faces from all its staffs. All cinema houses are fully air-conditioned, with big screens equipped with Dolby Digital Surround Sound System for great listening pleasure, comfortable seats with ample room for leg movements.

The Startmall Cinema Alabang was just recently renovated - its Cinema 4 offers movies in Dolby Atmos with a sitting capacity of 178, including 10 lazy boy chairs. The price range is between 190 to 250 pesos.  All movie tickets come with free popcorn.

The Starmall Cinemas’ new digital movie theaters are newly-renovated, affordable and 100% digital. You can experience its all-new digital movie theaters. The facility in terms of interiors, it was really difference to other movie theater and even the color were very inviting, the sounds were superb and the ambiance you feel relax. All the staff are very friendly.

Starmall Cinemas' are very convenience to the public, like in Starmall Alabang, a Terminal mall for commuters while Starmall Las Piñas is a community mall that is very close to thriving communities in Las Piñas.

Now you can watch your most awaited movies at Starmall Cinemas’ all-new digital movie theaters. You can now watch in all Starmall branches like Starmall Alabang and Starmall Las Piñas. One of the reasons that make Starmall a happy place is its digital cinemas that are modern, clean and affordable. 

Starmall has even raised the bar in cinema viewing experience as Starmall Alabang offers movies in Dolby Atmos in one of its digital cinemas—THE FIRST DOLBY ATMOS CINEMA SOUTH OF METRO MANILA. Other Starmall Cinemas digital movie theaters can be enjoyed at Starmall Edsa-Shaw and Starmall San Jose Del Monte Bulacan.

The Starmall Inc. currently operates a string of malls strategically located throughout Mega Manila and in key cities of the country namely Starmall EDSA-Shaw, Starmall Alabang, Starmall Las Piñas and Annex, Starmall San Jose Del Monte, Starmall Talisay Cebu. It's fresh take in mall design and function, upgraded level of tenant mix and experience for its mall goers, Starmall Inc. launched earlier this year, Starmall PRIMA—the first of its kind in the country where a full line home center anchors a happy mix of shopping, dining and enjoyment options. The first of this series opened its doors in Taguig Phase 1 and is fast becoming a hotspot. Soon three more malls are set to open in the next few months in Daang Hari Vista City and Santa Rosa Laguna.

Other Information:

FB page: Starmall Cinemas 
Twitter and Instagram: StarmallCinemas

Las Pinas: 8748806 
Alabang: 8504285 
EDSA-Shaw: 726-6150 
San Jose del Monte: 519-4844
Starmall Talisay Cebu: 491 3732

Starmall Cinema’s Location:
Starmall EDSA-Shaw
Starmall San Jose Del Monte
Starmall Las Piñas and Annex
Starmall Alabang
Starmall Talisay Cebu


C1 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2D) 
12:15, 03:10, 06:05, 09:00 
C2 Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D) 
11:30, 02:30, 05:30, 08:30

C1 You're My Boss (2D)
01:00, 03:30, 06:00, 08:30
C2 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2D)
12:30, 03:30, 06:30, 09:30
C3 Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D)
11:30, 02:30, 05:30, 08:30

C1 Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D)
11:30, 02:30, 05:30, 08:30
C2 You're My Boss (2D)
01:30, 03:30, 06:00, 08:30 
C3 Fast & Furious (2D)
12:15, 03:05, 05:55, 08:45
C4 Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D)
12:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00

C1 Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D)
11:00, 02:00, 05:00, 08:00
C2 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2D)
12:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00

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