At SM Mall of Asia - Food Trip

At SM Mall of Asia - Food Trip

Kristina's INUTAK

Made from basic ground sticky rice (kanin malagkit) with hefty infusion of coconut cream (gata), the inutak is baked using customized oven and best eaten while hot.  Best to try is their famous Classic flavor of Inutak.

Tobi House of Nuts

From the name itself, they sell different kinds of nuts. Best to try is the Choco Sun Flower. 100g = 125 Pesos. 


They used freshly baked breads, you can select breads, sauces and a variety of delicious toppings. I've ordered Wow BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes) for 69 Pesos only (Promo). Bread is Honey Oat and Sauce is Honey Mustard.

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