Greek Resto, crepe, ice cream, cake, drinks

Dinner Time!

First Stop;

@ Manos Greek Tavern (Greek resto)

We ordered two of their famous combo meals,;

Combo 1
Cabbage roll
Ice tea - bottomless

Combo 2
Keftedes (meatballs)
Souvlaki(pork barbeque)
Garlic rice
Ice tea - bottomless

Before they served your order they will give you a free appetizer, they called it pita bread with greek humus.

520 pesos budget is good for two.

Second Stop; @ Mother's Crepe & Cafe

Tried the choco banana almond crepe and also caramel latte and apple tea. 

300 pesos budget is good for two.

Third Stop; @ Swensen's

Ordered Double happy green tea for 169 pesos.

Last stop; @ Urmeneta's House

Ate the famous mango bravo from conti's and drink Martini rose and Jim Bean.

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