High School Get2gether

High School Get2gether
August 26, 2012

Another high school get-together for this year, second get-together. Meeting point was at SM Bacoor between 3 to 5 PM. Who showed up at the meeting place in SM Bacoor were Ace, Lyjie, Sarah, Aileen, Marlon, Weng, Rhoda and Rhyan. Then we waited for Brian at Mercury Drug across SM Bacoor before we went to Kainan sa Balsa. Oops!! At 7-11 in Mabolo, we met with Catleah before we went to Kainan sa Balsa. For some, it was their first time in that place and they felt happy although it was hot there. But because it was a get-together, everyone enjoyed the night with a smile. Me and Marlon ordered our food (rice, soup, chop suey, pakbet, barbecue, inihaw na panga and pancit). Dinner was served and while we were eating, Arlyn arrived. Then after dinner, it’s picture taking time Where everyone should wear our DPA Batch ’99 t-shirts. While we were having our pictures taken, everyone’s also laughing to the max, especially when we had our 10 shoots. Then someone just texted Cathleah and asking where we were and if she can still come, who was she? Nela. We informed her that we will go to Bialetti after Kainan sa Balsa, so she said that she will go to Bialetti and meet with us. We went to Bialetti and continued the chitchat, picture taking, and laughter to the max while drinking smoothies. Before I forget, Airell was just around the corner, waiting for updates. J

We always miss our High School Life and off course our classmates/friends.

Who’s who? For the second time, to check the previous attendees and compare who are always present to our get together? Check the link - http://aceismyname-lgeood03.blogspot.com/2012/06/high-school-get2gether.html

Cathleah Ribon – HS Ramp Model

Ace Paragoyo – HS Benign and Heedful

Winnie Fe Torres – HS Amiable and Xanthochroid

Lyjie Daniel – HS Serious and Astute

Nela Mae Reyes – HS Morena Beauty and Performers

Airell Villadares – HS Amiable and Diminutive

Marlon Lumag – HS Plump and Military Voices and Heedful

Rhoda Dominguez – HS Betty Boop

Aileen Cuevas – HS Snobbish and Xanthochroid

Sarah Dane Octavo – HS Beauty and Brains

Arlyn Saringo – HS Favorable

Rhyan Francisco – HS Showgirl 1999 and Yare

Brian Heraldo – HS Waggish

To see all photos in our last get together, click the link below.

The question now is when will be our next Big Get2gether? That I don’t know. :)

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