Understanding GRIEF 3 : Grief Experience of Adolescents in the Philippines

How to cope with grief and depression? We know that depression and grief are something that we do not always talk about especially here in the Philippines. However, there is an alarming number of teens who have a hard time of coping with grief and resort to self-harm. 

To have an understanding about grief. This September 8, 9 and 12 - The Epcalm grief seminar will be held in the Henry Sy Auditorium of the Saint Luke's Global. In observance of the World Leukemia Awareness month, Epcalm is facilitating this seminar.

Epcalm is a nonprofit organization that assists adults and the families of adults who are suffering from Leukemia. This organization is one of the few organizations that I support and care about and I was hoping that I could also get your support.

For 3 years now, Epcalm has been mounting conferences on grief management, with speakers and facilitators coming from the US, sharing their knowledge, experience and skill in managing grief. We also have local celebrities who will be inspirational speakers. 

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