SyncRUNize the race event that test our wits and challenge our limits

I joined this race with my colleagues and this is our first time to try this kind of running event called SyncRUNize held at ARCASouth of AyalaLand.

Last September 19, 2015, at 6 in the morning, we are prepared for the run, our smartphone are all fully charged, we've already downloaded the SyncRUNize apps in our smartphone and registered our email address, our body and mind are prepared for all the challenges we will encounter during the race.

Before the run started, we did a warm-up exercise headed by Gold’s Gym instructor. And then after that, we proceed at the starting line and waited for the go signal after they reveal the first code to use to proceed in the first challenge.

The first challenge is to solve the three math questions we’re we have to combine all the 4 numbers to make it a total of 21 before we can proceed to the endurance challenge Cargo Net. Most of the mental challenges involved math and other mental challenges are four pics one word, Philippine Holidays. There are 8 total mental challenges and 15 obstacle challenges in this race of SyncRUNize.

From all the challenges, the Philippine Army Challenge give us more sweat.

A video posted by @arca_south on

At the finish line there are four people waiting and holding four big barbells, you have to infiltrate before you can cross the finish line. My total time is 1:13:14 for the 5 KM run with mental and physical challenges.

This is a great experience and I really enjoy all the challenges of this running event SyncRUNize. It is not how tough each challenge but how we enjoy the race and helping each other as a team that make us proud to ourselves which tested our wits and challenge our limits. I’m hoping that there will be a next time for this one of a king race event that we will surely be joining again. 

And who won the individual and team challenge of SyncRUNize?

Individual Category: John Patrick Sy

Thanks to ARCASouth of AyalaLand for creating this race event, hopefully, to experience this again.

List of Endurance Challenges

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