Great Experience at Soneva Spa in Quezon City

Soneva Spa offers not only spa but also beauty and personal care products and services like body scrub, facial, foot treatments and a lot more. For the massage therapy, all their therapist are certified, every day they have a therapy session to make sure each therapist are familiar with all the massage type that Soneva offered and how they should do it if hard and soft.

I was invited to try the Soneva Spa massage therapy service, the massage that they offered to me is the Hot Stone Therapy, and I asked them the recommended massage type that fits for the first timer like me. They informed me that I can first take a bath before they start the massage session because after the massage you have a minimum of 8 hours before you can take a bath because your body need to stabilize after pampering your muscles and nerves. I choose not to take a bath.

Then our massage session started, the therapist informed to change my clothes and handed me a clothes to use for the massage session, the session is full body massage. After changing my clothes, the therapist asks me to lie face down on the massage bed. Then therapist started the massage, while doing the session therapist will inform you if you want hard or soft massage, I said hard and I let her know if it is too hard for me while doing the massage. My massage session is 1 hour and they have the sequential area on what to massage first, therapist started to massage my back after that the therapist rubbed the hot stone at my back (about five hot stone), therapist will ask you also if it is too hot for you or not. And I said the hotness of the stone is ok. According to the therapist, the stone they used for the massage comes from the other country and they called it volcanic stone. After my back massage, therapist massage the other parts of my body (head, back neck, arms, legs, and feet) and your choice if you want to massage your tummy.

After my massage session, the therapist asked me if I want hot tea or cold tea, I said cold tea. Not sure if it is ok to drink cold tea after the massage instead of hot tea, but I think they will not offer the cold tea if it is not ok. :)

My overall massage experience in Soneva was amazing, being a first timer I was treated very nice by the staff by guiding me the right therapy, by providing a good quality service, and by giving me an extremely relaxing day after my heavy work at the office. The Soneva therapists know the right amount of pressure and the area to work on and that is important for the client like me. The Soneva therapist is well-mannered, nice, and cleanly dressed.

You will not regret coming and trying Soneva Spa services because of the great experience awaits for you. Even the setup of the spa, the relaxing ambience of the spa that make it popular with their client even their celebrities’ client and the calming sound of music in the massage area.

Soneva Spa

Location: Tomas Morato corner Limbaga Street, Quezon City, 270 4th Floor Forum Building Metro Manila, Philippine
Service Hours: Monday – Sunday 1:00 PM – 12:00 MN
Contact/s: (632) 926-6249 / (632) 0917-4071129
Email Address:


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