Enjoying Your Boracay Trip On A Budget

Some of you would think an enjoyable Boracay trip on a budget

Where to Stay

I can recommend a place to stay, good for two persons for only 1500 pesos but you can still get 200 pesos discount per night that will become 1300 pesos per night, means that only 650 pesos per person per night. The place called La Fiesta, it is currently situated at Station 2 in Boracay where you will find more bars, stores, restaurant, and a lot of happenings.

All rooms in La Fiesta Resort are air-conditioned, you have your own bathroom, tv, ref, veranda, and free wi-fi.

Where to Eat

There's a lot of restaurants and food chain in Boracay, that are wallet friendly. If you’re on a budget, you can eat at Andoks, Mang Inasal, Mc Donalds and a lot more. Some food stall or carenderia, grocery stores and bakery shop like Julies. You can have your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for a minimum of 50 pesos.

Enjoying Boracay Beach

Seeing the Boracay Beach in the morning, afternoon and at nightfall, you'll probably love the place, what more if you will get to swim at the beach with your friends in a fine white sand and a clear cold water. 

Boracay Beach is a perfect place for having perfect shots, having fun at the beach while waiting for the sunset, sunrise, and seeing some sand art creation along the shores.

You can also chill at night walking along the shores with your friends while enjoying a cold beer or vodka that you can buy in some grocery stores near the beach.

From all the things that I have mentioned, you can only spend a maximum of 3500 pesos for 3 nights stayed in Boracay. 

Always remember that you went to the Island of Boracay to experience the beach and to witness how beautiful it is.

If you want to experience some of the activities in Boracay, there are people that will ask you to try but make sure you get the cheapest, try to haggle as much as you can.

Thanks, Ms. Jen for sharing some of your photos.

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