Filipinos Successfully Made It Through To The Next Round Of Competitions On The X Factor UK

Filipinos shine in the group during Boot Camp on The X Factor UK by giving an outstanding performance. Both Two Pinoy Acts, the 4TH Power and Neneth Lyons  are successfully made it through to the next round of competitions on The X Factor UK today.  The 4TH Power, the all-Filipino girl group composed of sisters Mylene, Celina, Irene and Almira Cercado aged 19-27, and Neneth Lyons, the 37-year old full-time mum from Chelmsford, performed in a group with four other acts singing Tina Turner’s Proud Mary.

Prior the performance, a short clip was shown of the rehearsals.  Neneth said that she was there ”to compete” while the 4TH Power said that this was going to be “the performance of a lifetime.”

Clearly the outstanding performers of their group, 4TH Power nailed the singing, dancing and hairography with their locks swinging and whipping as they did their routine.  Neneth showed that she was a fantastic singer when she belted the bigger parts of the song and showed she was an equally good dancer during the group’s performance.

The other performers in the group were Louisa Johnson, Jasmine Leigh Morris, Andre Batchelor and Sherlyn Hamilton Shaw.  Before giving the judges’ decision, Simon asked 4TH Power, Andre Batchelor and Jasmine Leigh Morris to step forward signalling the possible divide in the results.  But in the end, he said that all acts went through as all screamed in relief and excitement

The 4TH Power and Neneth Lyons move on to the next round of competitions, the Six Chair Challenge. 

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