Best Kakanin at Susie’s Cuisine in Angeles City Pampanga

If you are looking for kakanin, I suggest you should visit Susie’s Cuisine that offers one of the best kakanin in town. Susie’s Cuisine served the best kakanin in Pampanga since 1972, beside kakanin, they also offer different Kapampangan dishes. They also serve some desserts like halo-halo, leche plan and other pasalubong items that you can choose.

Leche Plan


From the variety of kakanin that Susie’s Cuisine can offer, I am sure you want it to try all of it. You can buy a bilao of kakanin with a variety of flavor. Like what we had last time we’ve invited to tastes Susie’s Cuisine kakanin. It consists of mochi, halaya ube, rice cake, sapin-sapin, biko kalabasa, tibok-tibok.

From the variety of kakanin in Susie’s Cuisine “Best in Pampango Kakanin”, I really like their version of sapin-sapin, it is not too sweet and a super soft version of sapin-sapin that I have tasted. Another kakanin that I have tasted is mochi, my first time to try mochi and I also like it, the taste is good especially when you dip to coconut milk sauce.

Other Information:

Location: #36 Hilda Street Nepo Mart, 2009 Angeles City Philippines
Contact Number: (045)888-0034
Store Hours: 7 AM – 8:30 PM


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