Are you Instagram-ready for the holidays? Take some extra effort to look more striking

You can always be camera-ready with Philips' line of grooming and beauty products

It's the season to be jolly, but Christmas is also the best time to be camera-ready.

Apart from capturing unforgettable moments with loved ones, people also love sharing their experiences on social media. Facebook and Instagram feed become a stream of gifts, celebrations, and those ubiquitous Christmas selfies once the holiday season rolls in.

People take the extra effort to look more dashing, more gorgeous than usual for their Christmas photos. Some even go to great lengths to make sure no one posts any unflattering photos of them after the festivities die down. It's not just a moment in history for many; it's that special time of the year where you could look and feel your best.

“Christmas is one of the best times of the year to look as wonderful as you feel. It's something people always think of fondly,” says Rhona Arce, Philips Business Development Manager for Grooming and Beauty. “Philips only wants you to look your best, not only during the holidays but every day as well.”

For the ladies, radiant skin and a chic hairstyle are essential for that holiday look. For the guys, a nice, clean-shaven look could give you that distinctly sweet, groomed charm. If you're looking to kill it with your looks this Christmas, Philips’ line of beauty and grooming products should definitely have a place in your daily care regimen.

SatinSoft Epilator

The SatinSoft Epilator, for instance, has an exfoliation brush with hypo-allergenic silver-ion discs that help reveal more radiant skin. It also comes with a cap for more delicate areas, as well as a vibrating massage bar to soothe and stimulate the skin.

ProCare Airstyler

The ProCare Airstyler, which both straightens and curls, should be every girl’s new best friend for quick, hassle-free styling. Through ion conditioning, the airstyler keeps hair shiny and frizzle-free while strengthening each strand for that beautiful head of bobs and curls.

Philips Multigroomer 
For the guys, the Philips Multigroomer is an all-purpose grooming solution that can bring the man out of the animal in you. It comes complete with a nose trimmer, hair clipper, and foil shaver for a close finish around the edges.

AquaTouch Shaver
For those who prefer a separate shaving device, the AquaTouch Shaver is a great alternative. It helps protect the skin while providing a smooth shave. This electric shaver can be used for either a dry or wet shave, wherever the action takes you.

By looking your best during the holidays and beyond, you can always find an extra measure of confidence all year round. With a little help from Philips, your looks are one less thing to worry about.

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