Dos Mestizos a must try restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga

If you want to experience a something new cuisine like Dos Mestizos that served Spanish cuisine. Having a nice dining set and ambience while eating the signature dishes of Dos Mestizos restaurant.

Spanish cuisine is not new to us because it became part of our history, some of food that served in our home and in some restaurant are with a touch of Spanish cuisine. We’re invited to try the Spanish cuisine at Dos Mestizos. The food is not pricey for the amount of what they served. To make our Spanish cuisine experience memorable, the place was set and decorated as a Spanish-inspired restaurant, while having your sumptuous food experience.

Food that we have tried at Dos Mestizos.

Paella Negra
This dish was cooked with squid ink and baby squids.

Paella Valenciana
This food is a mixture of chicken, pork and seafood.

A shrimp sautéed in olive oil and garlic with beans and some herbs and spices.

Salpicao de Vaca
A beef tenderloin cubes in garlic marinade

Chorizo Hecho
Is a homemade Spanish sausage

Croquettas De Queso
Blue cheese and béchamel croquettes

Calamares Fritos
Deep fried battered squid

A mushroom sautéed in olive oil and garlic with some herbs and spices.

Spanish doughnuts deep fried served with warm chocolate sauce

Pastel Ruso
A Spanish dessert with almond on top.

Overall, from the rest of the food that we have tasted, what I mostly like if their Pastel Ruso, one of the best cake I have tried, I know now what a Spanish cake is because of Pastel Ruso, a delectable taste with lots of almond that make it crunchy every time you bite. And what’s unique about Dos Mestizos restaurant is that how they cook their food to make it authentic Spanish cuisine and the ambience of the restaurant is very composed.

Other Information:

Dos Mestizos
Serves the tastiest and absolutely authentic Spanish Cuisines

Location: The Quad at Nepo Center, Angeles City, 2009
Contacts: 0917-777-1967; 0917-574-9098


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