A Delightful and Sweet Breakfast at Mother’s Cake House in Angeles City Pampanga

We are very delightful with the overload sweets prepared by Mother's Cake House owner for our breakfast.  We were able to taste also some of their snacks to balance the sweetness and it is good to know that they also served not only sweets but also some food in their menu. 

Mother's Cake House is located at Marlim Avenue, Diamond Subdivision, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga beside Angeles Fried Chicken (AFC) restaurant. What makes Mother's Cake House special? because they don't just create cakes, they create memories.

Here are some of Mother's Cake House blockbuster pastries and snacks.

A must try fulfilling cupcakes at Mother's Cake House that will indulge your appetite.
A mouthwatering brownie with cream coated of chocolate and sprinkles for only 15 pesos that your kids will love it.
Chocolate Crinkles
A scrumptiously soft cookie that becomes my favorite pastry coated of confectioners’ sugar that you will enjoy for only 95 pesos.
Banana Cake
One of the famous pastry at Mother’s Cake House with mashed bananas that is moist, with balance amount of sweetness that you can have it for only 55 pesos, this is one of the pre-ordered items.
Baked Mac
A creamy baked macaroni that makes it more delicious because of perfectly melted cheese, you will enjoy this dish for only 70 pesos and a large order for 450 pesos. 
To indulge your appetite, brownies of Mother's Cake House will surely become a hit to everyone because of its fudgy rich chocolate with nuts on top.

Cream Puffs
A pastry filled with custard and chocolate on top, a delightfully sweet, you can enjoy it for only 12 pesos each.
A set of cream puffs piled into a cone and glazed with caramel.
Pansit Palabok
A noodle dish that is proudly made in the Philippines, you will enjoy this dish deliciously because of its unique sauce and some toppings on it like sliced boiled egg and chicharon. Pancit palabok is one the Kapampangan best dishes. you will enjoy this dish for only 70 pesos and a large order for 420 pesos.
A fried tortilla filled with chopped meat and some vegetable top with grated cheese, this dish is so delightful with its unique tortilla. Mother’s Cake House tacos is only 45 pesos.

This tasty sansrival of Mother's Cake House becomes the best-seller pastry and I must say, "Yes" it is delicious.

Mother's Cake House also customize cakes for your special occasions, and not only pastry and food, you can also avail their bread and chilled cakes. They make their dish special that is why all the food that we have tasted are all delicious as part of our Pampanga Restaurant Tour 2015 "A Food Adventure in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines"

Other Information:

Location: 1984 Marlim Avenue, Diamond Subdivision Balibago, Angeles, Philippines (near Angeles Fried Chicken)
Contacts: (045) 625- 7593, 091555360250, 09998060250
Store Hours: 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
Instagram / Twitter: MothersCakeHouse


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