The Sunny Side Café in Boracay Philippines

If you want to experience a breakfast along with the nice view of the beach, The Sunny Side Café in Boracay Philipines located in 3rd station will surely the best place to be. Having a nice view of the beach while eating a delicious breakfast food of The Sunny Side Café.

As a first timer in Boracay Philippines, my friends makes my experience to this beautiful place a more memorable, not only full with the beautiful view but also to fill my stomach with delicious and recommended restaurant in Boracay Philippines. One of the restaurants that I was amazed at the serving is not my expected size of meal, because when I saw the menu and the pictures of each meal, it is pricey for that small serving but yes I was wrong, the price of each meal is worth it after I saw the actual meal that we’ve ordered. And not the size but the taste of all meal are all delicious.

Here comes the food that we’ve ordered that you will probably do also when you visit The Sunny Side Café for your awesome breakfast experience.

Chorizo and Eggs

A delicious taste of Spicy chorizo served with sunny side up eggs, fried rice with garlic confit, and mango salsa. 

Bacon and Eggs

The thick juicy Bacon slice with sunny side up eggs, fried rice with garlic confit, and mango salsa makes it more savory.

Chorizo Baked Mac & Cheese

A different kind of dish because of the sunny size chorizo mixed with four kinds of cheese: Gruyere, Jack Cheddar, Mozarella, and Parmesan that make it tastier.

Nutella Pancakes (Half order)

This is only a half order giant pancakes smothered with Nutella and Chantilly cream that make it more delectable.

Bacon and Cheese Pancakes (Half order)

A fluffy pancakes cooked with parmesan cheese and topped with bacon, candied walnuts, and Chantilly cream to make it more mouthwatering.

Overall, the taste of the food are all really delicious and the even the presentation of each food are appealing. Now, I believe that the first impression lasts. And what’s unique in The Sunny Side Café is you have a chance to see how they cook your food and the ambience of the restaurant is very composed.

Other Information:

Location: Station 3 Beachfront, Boracay Sands Hotel
Contact: +6336 288 2874
Operating Hours
7:00 am to 10:00 pm, Sundays to Saturdays 
(July to October hours are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm only)
Instagram: @thesunnysideboracay


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