Delicious Food of Smoke Resto at Boracay Philippines

When we arrived in Boracay, it was almost 8 PM. After we checked in our room, the first thing we do is to find a restaurant to feed our stomach. We walked around Boracay from station 2 to station 3 while walking we saw the D’mall signed and one of my colleague said that there a lot of restaurants to choose from D’mall. So we decided to check D’mall restaurants, then we end up at Smoke Resto.

The Smoke Resto is one of the popular restaurants in Boracay, they served a different kind of meal from rice meal, viand, and soup. From their set of meals, they also have different kind of drinks from hot and cold.

Food that we ordered at Smoke Resto.


This is the best beef shank soup in d’ island


A choice of pork or chicken strips on shrimp paste rice with egg strips and mango slices.

Lechon Kawali

Deep fried pork belly

Tofu Teriyaki

Tofu in teriyaki sauce

Tofu Salpicao

Stir fried tofu and mushroom in chili soy sauce topped with garlic bits

Spicy Garlic Tofu

Tofu and beans in spicy garlic sauce


Choco Banana, Calamansi, and Watermelon

Overall, what I really like with Smoke Resto? Is their shakes, the calamansi shakes is a bomb so refreshing after our long day travel going to Boracay. The place is not air conditioned but it make sense to enjoy your food in a not so hot place like Boracay. From what I observed, Smoke Resto can accommodate a maximum of 35 guests, even though it is not big but their guest are really wanted to wait just try Smoke Resto food because of its popularity in the island of Boracay. I did not see if they have an exhaust fan, but really the smell of the food will hold to your clothes, but that’s fine being in an island. For the food, I was amazed at their meal selection because they have Vegetarian Meals, instead of meat they replace is with Tofu from teriyaki, salpicao, and spicy garlic which is new to me. But what makes us happy that night? It is because of Smoke Resto best sellers Bulalo, the meat is tender and the soup is really good with a lot of cabbage strips which make their bulalo very delicious.

Other Information:

Smoke Resto
Catering and Delivery
Location: Aklan Back of the D' mall, Wet Market Section, Boracay
Contacts: 288 6014 / 288 4565
Opening Hours: 24/7


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