Runners Supports “Heroes for Children Run” of UNICEF Philippines

There are many ways for us to become a hero, from the current event of UNICEF Philippines, the fun run is their way for every runner to show their loved from the children’s by joining the event called “Heroes for Children Run”. 

Runners gathered to SM Mall of Asia concert grounds to show their love to all the children while runners enjoying their run in each category, all the proceeds that they paid for the registration will help children’s through UNICEF Philippines. Close to 3, 000 participants, including children and persons with disabilities, showed support for the Heroes for Children Run. The first major fundraising initiative of UNICEF Celebrity Advocate for Children, Anne Curtis, the event aims to raise funds for the benefit of UNICEF’s ‘1,000 Days’ campaign

This running event was organized by UNICEF Celebrity Advocate, Anne Curtis, she did all the preparation of this event with the help of UNICEF Philippines Representative Lotta Sylwander together with the people of UNICEF Philippines, Anne friends and endorsements and through running partners Leadpackand Anne graces the event by joining the fun run in 21K, this is Anne’s first time for half marathon, at first she was nervous thinking that they cannot make it to the finish line but with the help of her boyfriend Erwan Heusaff and friends, together with her vision to show her love and support to the children’s through UNICEF Philippines.

Anne Curtis also joined the 500-metre dash for the children, the 500-metre dash consist of two set of runs for the children in different age range, both sets was joined by Anne Curtis.

After the run, the UNICEF Philippines awarded the best runner’s in their best time in each category. Anne’s friend also made it to the top 3 that received an award in their chosen category. The run featured a 500-metre dash for kids (age 12 and below); 5k, 10K, and 21K.

One of UNICEF’s priorities is to promote access to essential nutrition and health services during the first 1,000 days of life from conception up until their first two years. This is a critical window of opportunity within the framework of Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), which provides the foundation to shape a child’s growth and development with benefits that last well into adulthood.

Anne Curtis and Lotta Sylwander
Anne Curtis said, “I’ve always held a soft spot for children, In our country, more than 3 million children are stunted. Studies show that many children in the Philippines do not live past their fifth birthday because of undernutrition. This run is where we can all come together as heroes to provide children with the best start in life. This event is just one of the many I have planned as a UNICEF Celebrity Advocate. It’s a small step in creating a better future for children, but it’s a start of a long fruitful journey towards that.”

Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Philippines Representative said, “Children have a right to proper growth and development. by investing in early childhood development, we are giving the children and the nation a better and more productive future. We welcome Anne for her dedication and commitment in pushing for awareness and support for this important stage of a child’s life.”
We can be a Hero in different ways, thanks to Anne and UNICEF Philippines to let the runners feel the heroism in this very special running event that will touch the hearts of each Pilipino children.

Anne Curtis invited everyone to join again for the next year run of UNICEF Philippines.

The Heroes for Children Run is presented through the support of SM Mall of Asia, PSBank, Double Dragon Properties Corporation, Enervon, SM Accessories, Belo Essentials, Cherry Mobile, Jack’n Jill, Century Tuna, Toy Kingdom, SM Cares, Gatorade, Dole Philippines, McDonald’s, Teleperformance, Lifeline, Discovery Suites, Crisp on 28th, Sprout, PMX Audio, Philippine Star, Businessworld, Nyxsys Philippines Inc., Chris Sports.

You can visit or call 758-1000 (Mondays to Friday,
9:00 a.m. To 6:00 p.m.), to know more about the run and UNICEFs programs

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