Chocolate & Wine Gallery at Newport Mall Resorts World Manila

Chocolate & Wine Gallery is part of the month-long chocolate and wine festival at Newport City Resorts World Manila. Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and Newport Mall is celebrating the decadent duo of chocolate & wine with delicious pairings, chocolate carvings and more at its Chocolate & Wine Festival this October.

This year’s Chocolate & Wine Festival also allows guests to enjoy the fusion of food and art.  At the Chocolate & Wine Gallery open from Oct. 1 -12, guests can check out beautiful chocolate paintings and sculptures from Marriot Hotel and Resorts World Manila Food & Beverage, see wine selections from the Philippine Wine Merchants and learn all about wine & chocolate pairing from the pairing guide. 

Guests can also experience a mouthwatering display of chocolate carvings and wine selections. They can also enjoy their chocolate and wine with wonderful performances at the Chocolate, Wine and the Arts showcase, happening 6 PM between Oct. 2-3 and 16-17.

Below pictures are the glimpse of what you can see when you visit the Chocolate and Wine gallery at Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila.

Chocolate Carvings

One Piece
This work of art by Chef Joy Cueto won the Bronze Medal in the recently-concluded 2015 Philippine Culinary Cup, Chocolate Showpiece Category. An adventurous creation using 10 kilos of pure Belgian Chocolate and was carved for at least 40 hours.

Dead Man's Chest
This thrilling Bronze Medal awardee from the 2015 Philippine Culinary Cup was created by Chef Ruth Refe exploring and using 15 kilos of pure Belgian Chocolate and was meticulously carved for at least 48 hours.

Bitter Sweet
An irresistible showcase and expression of a true impression of the bitterness of wine and sweetness of chocolate.

Lady Sitting in a Barrel
Chef Christopher Balane spent 20 hours to create this masterpiece made of 25 kilos of pure Belgian Chocolate.


Montes Late Harvest Riesling

Montes Alpha Syrah

Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon

The Chocolate & Wine Festival was created by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and Resorts World Manila, and sponsored by Nestle Kitkat, the Philippine Wine Merchants, Villa Del Conte and Gallo Wines.

For more information on Newport Mall’s Chocolate Festival, please call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-0888, 709-9888 or 09178380111 or Resorts World Manila at 836-6333 and 908-8833 or visit

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  1. I've always said I'd love to eat up Johnny Depp, but I'd love to literally eat up that chocolate version of him. Although 15 kilos of chocolate might be a bit too much to handle... ;)

    Alana | Anguilla