My Six-Course Meal at SkyGarden SteakHouse in Ace Hotel and Suites

My Six-Course Meal at SkyGarden SteakHouse in Ace Hotel and Suites

Before I detailed all the sumptuous food in my six-course meal, I want to give you what you will expect when you booked your dinner at SkyGard Steakhouse in Ace Hotel and Suites. SkyGarden Steakhouse is at the 8th floor of Ace Hotel and Suites. Skygarden Steakhouse is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 6pm to 9 pm.

At SkyGarden Steakhouse, you can experience an intimate fine dining with candlelight to add a romantic mood, with so relaxing music and an excellent view of the metro. You can choose where you want to experience the perfect dinner with your six-course meal, either dine outside to feel the fresh breeze while enjoying your food or eat inside in a lovely setup of the restaurant.

Now, what food are included in my six-course meal at SkyGarden Steakhouse?

First Course

Shrimp and Curry for my Appetizer

This food is so good because the shrimp tasted sweet and looked fresh, and the sauce is delicious with curry and a right combination of shrimp and other vegetables. I like it.

Second Course

Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto for my Bread and Dip

This food is excellent, the dip blended well. SkyGarden Steakhouse makes the very best mushroom antipasto dip and a right combination of garlic bread. One of my favorite meal because I like the dip it was so delicious.

Third Course

Cream of Pumpkin and Carrot for my Soup

The soup is creamy and in my every sip. I noticed some bits of carrot and pumpkin, and that's good. The soup so delicious I even asked for another set and even the appearance, very appetizing.

Fourth Course

Mixed Greens with Sesame Dressings for my Salad

This food is the most popular of all the food that we have tasted, they all like it, because of the sesame dressings. All the ingredients they added in this dressings was perfect and sweet roasted cashew added some sweets to balance the taste. So yummy!

Fifth Course

OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin (300g) for my Main Course
My main course served with mashed potato, corn, and vegetables
A 100% prime strip loin steak, you can choose the way your steak cook if you want rare, medium rare or well done. All steak are the same, but the only difference is the way it was cooked and what are some side dishes included that add more flavors. My steak experience here at SkyGarden Steakhouse is good and perfect.

Sixth Course

Crème Brulee for my Dessert

To end up your fine dining experience, they surprised me with this heart shaped plate with their sweet crème Brulee and some fruits to balance the sweetness.

The six-course set meal is at affordable priced at 1,299.00 net. In my six-course meal you can choose your primary courses such as Corniche Chicken with Organic Wild Rice Pilaf, Pan-Grilled U.S Pork loin with Sautéed Diced Potatoes, Grilled Sriracha – Glazed Salmon Aglio Olio Pasta, and Prawns Thermidor. But if you want a steak in your main course, you can add additional 200 pesos for OMAHA USDA Prime Rib-eye (200g) with Seasoned Vegetable and Mashed Potato or Chilean Seabass with Apricot Tamarind Glaze. Other steak options are OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin (300g) served with mashed potato, corn and vegetables, Australian Pure Black Angus Tenderloin (200g) served with vegetables and egg, St. Helen’s USDA Choice Rib Eye (300g) served with stewed potatoes and buttered vegetables, and BBQ-Glazed Baby Back Ribs – Full Slab. All steak options you have to add the additional amount from your six-course meal price.

Before I forgot, their red iced tea was good that is why I asked for refill four times.

For table reservations and inquiries, please call 628-1888 or visit their website To know more updates and promotions, you can follow SkyGarden Steakhouse in Instagram and Facebook @skygardensteakhouse.


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