Fun Munching on Mother's Day at SM Mall of Asia

Fun Munching on Mother's Day at SM Mall of Asia

If you are planning to celebrate your mom’s special day, why not at SM Mall of Asia, a tourist destination that has raised the standard of shopping, leisure, dining and entertainment that your mom will probably like it.

A once a year celebration for your mom to feel this precious moment, a celebration of being a mother to their children, a time to thank her for being the best mom in the world. And off course, whatever you want it to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom, you always make sure that your mom will be happier this special day.

Kimono Ken
Let your mother experiences Japanese Cuisine at Kimono Ken. Kimono Ken serves a unique Japanese delicacy that are pocket-friendly to their customer and will surely entice your mom appetite. A must try dish is their Gyoza a Japanese dumpling filled with vegetable and ground meat and wrapped in a thin dough. Best to try when you dip it in a sauce made of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and chili oil. Don’t forget to use the chopstick to make your mom Japanese food experience complete. Another dish that your mom should try is their Yakisoba, a freshly cooked noodles with bits of fried pork, mushroom, and some vegetables, much better if you put some chili oil and powder. While eating those dishes and you want your mom to feel refreshed, try their Best seller Kimono Ken blended juices and yes it is so good and refreshing. Kimono Ken has a lot to offer, a variety of Japanese dishes such as tempura, salad, teriyaki and a lot more.



Kimono Ken Blended Juices


You can visit Kimono Ken website to get more information, updates, and promotions, and follow them in Facebook, and in Instagram,

Pizza Hut
But if you want your mom experiences an American dining style, a must recommend Pizza Hut "Make it Great" restaurant will be the best one to choose, they offer good food and cleanliness are a must in Pizza Hut as much as giving customers the best value for their money. This coming mother’s day they offer a set of meals. No hassle in choosing their set of dishes that all you want in a pizza restaurant are already included in their mother’s day promo meals. A meal set that good for 4 persons consist of (Family German Franks Pan Pizza, Baked Spaghetti Bolognese, Mac & Cheese, 2 Fried Chicken with flavored rice, 4 Cream of Mushroom and Pitcher of Pepsi). And a meal set good for 6 persons that consist of (Regular Bacon Margherita Pan Pizza, Regular Hawaiian Supreme Pan Pizza, 2 Baked Spaghetti Bolognese, Mac & Cheese Garden Salad, 2 Honey Glazed Sesame Salad, 6 Cream of Mushroom, Pitcher of Pepsi).

From their promo, you can customize your set of meal, like for the soup instead of mushroom soup you can change it to other available soup flavors with no additional charge, for the pasta, you can also change it to any other pasta available and even in salad. How about for pizza? you cannot change the flavor, but you can upgrade your pizza with additional charge, like stuffed crust pizza. For the drink, if you don’t want soda you can change it to iced tea with additional charge also. And what I like from their set of meals, off course my all-time favorite Hawaiian pizza, so delicious.

Mushroom Soup
Baked Spaghetti Bolognese
Cheese Garden Salad
Mac and Cheese
Honey Glazed Sesame Salad
Regular Bacon Margherita Pan Pizza
Regular Hawaiian Supreme Pan Pizza
Fried Chicken with flavored rice

You can visit Pizza Hut restaurant website to get more information, updates, and promotions, and follow them in Facebook,  and in Instagram and Twitter, @pizzahutphils

Spud Buds
How about tour your mom around SM Mall of Asia? Walking along bayside, waiting the sunset, rise high to see the scene in Metro Manila while in MOA Eye or watching movies? And the best partner for that activities is Spud Buds potato with a different variant. Spud Buds caters to the people who share the same passion for good-tasting potatoes and caters also in events. A potato goodness reinvented, the name Spud Buds sounds like an international food name but it’s not, Spud Buds is locally created with ingredients that are locally made to help the farming industry here in the Philippines like the potato that they bought in Baguio City. One of the best seller in their menu is the Spud Buds flavored Shoestring Potatoes, I tried it with buffalo bleu flavor and it was good.

Spud Balls with 3 sauces such as spicy cajun, honey wasabi and garlic aioli
Flavored Shoestring Potatoes with Buffalo Bleu flavor
BBQ Chicken
Bacon & Cheese
You can visit Spud Buds Facebook Page to get more information, updates and promotions, and in Instagram  

Dairy Queen
To end the day, why not treat your mom with some cold ice cream at Dairy Queen (DQ), to take time out with your mom busy schedule and enjoy the best soft-serve treats from Dairy Queen. And surprise your mom with a cake made of ice cream for only 649 pesos and make sure you and your mom will able to eat that cake before it melts. :)

You can visit Dairy Queen Philippines website to get more information, updates, and promotions, and follow them in Facebook,   and in Instagram 

Whatever is you plan to celebrate your mom special day, make it delicious memories. :)

SM Mall of Asia
Address: J.W. Diokno Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, 1300
Hours: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Phone: (02) 556 0680


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