Lunch at Stella Wood Fired Bistro

Lunch at Stella Wood Fired Bistro

I was able to taste the food in Stella Wood Fired Bistro, actually I have attended an event that day. It was lunch time and Stella bistro prepared a list of food that they will serve to us. A total of 9 dishes such as The Stella Salad, this is the best salad I've ever tasted and from the 9 dishes they served, this salad becomes my favorite and I finished it and asking for more although 1 salad set per person, I will try this salad next time. Why Do I love it very much? check what's  the ingredients and the dressings below.

The Stella Salad
(Butter Lettuce, Crispy Bacon, Sundried Tomato Bits, Candied Rosemary, Pistachios, Buttermilk Chive-Ranch Dressing, Malagos Pecorino)
Another food that is new to me is the Wood Fired "Callos A La Stella", new to my taste and It was delicious also, on serving and eat by 4 persons that time, and what do you expect, gone all scraped up.
Wood Fired "Callos A La Stella"
(Spanish Chorizo, Double Smoked Bacon, Beef Tripe, Garbanzos, Roasted Bell Pepper, & a Roasted Tomato)
Other food that we've eaten are;

Crispy Pork Belly Chips
(Himalayan Sea Salt, Spicy Pinakurat Vinegar)
An all time favorite, bacon! and the sauce was a good combination for the crispy bacon. I ate 4 chips only! 

Wood Fired Merguez Meatballs
(Stuffed with Malagos Ricotta, Aji Sauce)

I like the Aji sauce and the way they cooked the meatballs with Ricotta.
Butcher's Best Pizza
(Homemade Garlic Fennel Sausage, Double Smoked Bacon, Pepperoni, Red Onions, Fannel Dust, Fresh Rizal Dairy Mozzarella)

This is good and also new to me! Butcher's pizza is something to try and the fennel sausage is delicious.
Roasted Seafood "Firecracker" Fusilli
(Spicy Olive & Smokey Sundried Tomato Cream, Dried Chiles, Fire Roasted Seafood, Fresh Herbs, Malagos Ricotta Cheese)

I like the seafood toppings in this dish, the overall taste was good.
Salt Baked Gindara Fillet
(Light Dill-Citrus Cream, Citrus Bits)

We all amazed with the way they prepared this dish in terms of their presentation, At first I said to myself, Oh steamed fish but the twist is that the citrus cream gives me tastier for Gindara Fillet
Burnt Brazo De Limon
(Yema Crema)

To add sweet in all the food they served, we have this yema crema that burnt, so good also.

Stella Wood Fired Bistro

A fresh & simple point of view.
Magically roasted & fired up.
Naturally cool.
Taste the ingredients.

Other Information:

Location: Ground Floor Level, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

Contact: +632-621-3222

Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 12:00 MN Daily


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