13 Signature Dishes of Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant

13 Signature Dishes of Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant

The long wait is over, Ming Kee Live Seafood is one of the famous restaurants in Singapore and here now in the heart of Makati where known as the central business district in the Philippines.

Why Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant famous in Singapore? Because of its Triple Cooked Crab Beehoon and other live seafood specialties and it’s very well-known Southern Chinese Specialties for Filipinos to enjoy.

The 13 Signature Dishes give you the sumptuous taste that you probably not miss trying any of the 13 dishes. 

House Special Salmon Salad (Yee-Sang or Yuu-Sahng)  
(Salmon, finely shredded vegetables - carrots, cucumber, radish, bell pepper, onions, pickled vegetable, and Chinese parsley and jelly fish laced with a special sauce)

This is an appetizer with a good symbolism that means “good luck”.  The tossing of the salad is also commonly known as Prosperity Toss. I like the sweet and sour taste of the sauce and because all the vegetables are fresh and the crunchiness is perfect every time you take a bite.

Drunken Prawns with Herbs

Live prawns were soaked in a strong Chinese wine. They show how they cooked the prawns, is like a hot pot style of cooking, they first boiled the soup before they poured all the ingredient and last is prawns. Because the prawns are fresh, it is so easy to remove the shell and there is a sweet taste of the prawns, so delicious. And the herbs used in the soup are Red Dates, Kienchi, Tong Kui, and Yok Chuk.

Assorted Hot & Cold Cuts
(Honey BBQ Pork, Teochew Pork Belly, Roast Goose, Prawn Roll and Teochew Prawn Salad) 

This is not the usual platter that not normally done in existing Chinese restaurants here in the metro that hot and cold cuts in one set. All the items in the combination are done in customary Teochew way of roasting.  And all the taste are perfect and flavorful.

Triple Cooked Crab Beehoon

Without this dish, your Singapore experience is not complete. One of the popular dishes in Singapore, the moist succulent crab, and its beehoon was stir-fried and it is so delicious because it was steamed and braised to perfectly infuse our secret flavors together.

Teochew Garoupa

The dish were topped with beancurd, mushroom, chili, spring onion, pickled plums and salted vegetables, it is then steamed for a good 6 minutes then served on a sizzling fish plate to make it more delicious and the freshness of the fish added the aroma of the soup.

Hainanese Chicken and Rice

I remembered when I went to Singapore, my friend who worked in SG treated me a dinner and this is one of the dishes. At first, I really don’t want to eat because the rice is not the usual rice I ate and the chicken is steamed only. But my friend forces me to eat this dish and he guaranteed me that I will like it. Because he is my friend I did a try and yes, the taste of the chicken is really good even the rice and what make it more delicious? Because of the sauces. 

The dish is served with traditional sauces, Singaporean hot chili, dark soy sauce and minced ginger.

Soya Chicken

This dish was marinated in premium dark soya with some Chinese spice and herbs. I also like the taste and it added more flavors when you also dip in some sauces and partnered with Hainanese rice.

Another signature dish of Ming Kee, made from selected and finest soya beans grind into soya milk and cooked to become the silkiest beancurd that literally melts in your mouth. Beancurd is popular for us Filipino as “Tofu”.

Homemade Beancurd with Brocolli and Black Mushroom

This dish is delicious because of its sauce (superior soup stock) and the softness of beancurd and crunchiness of broccoli when you bite is really good.

Braised Homemade Beancurd in Claypot

This dish is almost similar to Homemade Beancurd with Brocolli and Black Mushroom, except for the cooking method which is Braised and cooked in a clay pot. The taste is really the same, but the sauce is thickened because it is continuous cooking.

Clams with Homemade Sauce

This dish is very popular in Singapore, the clams are fresh that gives the dish the richness seafood flavor. The flavor is mild yet the spice of garlic that is sprinkled on top complimented with the special sauce (cooked four times) that is tediously prepared.

Cereal Prawns

I must say that this dish is delicious and the cereals oats were so perfect in taste and that is why Ming Kee Cereal Prawns is special.  It's slightly sweet and has a thinner and flakier texture compare to the usual porridge oats, thus yield a better and lighter finished results as opposed to a stodgier feel to the cereal prawns.  

Sambal Fried Rice
(chili pepper, shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, sugar, lime juice, and rice vinegar)

Sambal fried rice is not the usual Filipino fried rice which they added some meat, but this fried rice was also good and I can eat without any other viand. The fried rice is more known as Nasi Goreng in Malaysia.

Yam and Taro Paste (Orh Nee)

A mixed of Yam and Taro paste with some cream. This dessert is an authentic Fujian dessert using yam or taro as the main ingredient. If you are familiar on how us Filipinos would make “Haleya” or the term “Halukay Ube”, this dish uses the same cooking technique. The taste is just good and not too sweet.

If you have decided to eat at Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant, to give you a tour of what you will expect to the place. The kitchen is located at the ground floor of the 5-story building, the guest can choose their choice of live seafood from the display aquariums and have a sneak peak of their chefs while they prepare these succulent dishes. Their kitchen is open, guest can see how they cook the food. They also feature a bar at the third floor and four (4) VIP rooms for private functions to host small banquets. The interiors inspired by a modern industrial look complimented by traditional Chinese Style service to complete the Ming Kee experience. And thanks to Chef Ivan Tan for all the delicious food that he cooked for us.

Other Information:

Location: 7852 Makati Avenue, Poblacion, 1209 Makati
Business Hours: Open Daily
11:00 AM - 02:00 PM
06:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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