Food Craze Alert! St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

This new restaurant in Mandaluyong will surely a hit in your palate. St. Nicholas Restaurant and Catering services served a new taste of food. This restaurant was open last September 2016, the catering services were operated many years ago but the owner decided to put up a restaurant to serve food for the daily customer. The place is currently situated at Fatima Street corner San Rafael Street, Plainview Subdivision, Mandaluyong City. 

I was invited to try their food, mostly their best seller food, but before getting to the food. I must say the place is very solemn because you will see some statue of the Saints upon entering the restaurant. Thinking of the décor, it was a Japanese inspired décor with a cherry blossom backdrop. What is the trademark of the place beside their delicious food? is their big teddy bear.

The food was really good and we’re able to talk with the owner/chef of this restaurant, Chef Nick Pelaez, things you should gladly to know how they maintain the freshness of all the main ingredients of the food they serve and the willingness to add more of improvements to make their customer more satisfied with the taste. That day, we had a bucket of shrimps in a mild spicy level, the dish was cooked with butter, they called it Hot N' Juicy Shrimps, St. Nicholas restaurant also offered a transparent glove which is free of charge if you don't want to touch directly by your hand. Even the sauce of Hot N' Juicy Shrimps was perfectly made and a better combination with rice.

Their Tinolang Manok (Chicken Tinola) was also a hit, because of having watermelon taste. This is very new to me and I must say that the sweetness of watermelon is detectable while sipping the hot soup of Tinolang Manok.

They also have a woven tray that consists of a different dish on the side and rice at the middle, they called it "Boodle Fight sa Bilao". If you will see, viands are more than the rice. A request of extra rice is a must. So what kind of viands you can taste in their woven tray? Hot N' Juicy shrimp, calamares, shrimp tempura, lechong kawali, eggplant tempura, salted egg with tomato and onion. Best to try also with their homemade vinegar made for this dish.

To balance our appetite, we're able to taste their best seller desserts which are best with vanilla ice cream, it was Temptation By Tablea, a cake made of tablea that we usually used for hot chocolate, a pure chocolate tasted heavenly and Chocolate Lava Mode, a delicious chocolate lava with rich chocolate flavor.

If you want more, every Wednesday their Hot N' Juicy Shrimps has discounted up to 30% off the price and their everyday promo for boodle fight meal. I suggest ordering the 30% off Hot N' Juicy Shrimps together with boodle fight for more choices of viands and rice to match the spiciness of shrimps.

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

Location: 1 Fatima Street corner San Rafael Street, Plainview Subdivision, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
Contact: Call (02)535-7637
Operating Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM (Tuesday to Sunday); Lunch -  11 AM to 2:30 PM; Dinner - 5 PM to 11 PM; Break: 2:30 PM to 5 PM
Cuisine: Asian Fusion and Filipino
Parking: Street parking
Specialties: Serves lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks
Takes Reservations
Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Good For Kids
Take Out
Waiter Service


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