Fun Day Activities at Alviera Go Play

I was invited to the recent event of Alviera, the world’s first game show-inspired playground called Alviera Go Play. I was able to try different activities of Alviera Go Play together with my fellow bloggers, the event started at 8 AM for the registration of the participants were many people attended of Alviera Go Play because of its unique creations, the coolest activities line-up that day. The organizer is planning on bringing this kind of event to Manila but no specific dates were given yet. Meanwhile at the event, all their guest tried all the activities from kids to adults, some activities available in Alviera Go Play brings back memories of my childhood where everything is a play and fun outside. I must say that this event is so cool and fantastic. Some of the activities that we used to do were given some twist to make it more exciting and more challenging that test our endurance and patience. The event was held in Sandbox at Porac Pampanga.

Here are some of the activities we have tried during that day in Alviera Go Play.

First is Tic-Tac-Toe, this is one of our childhood game, it might sound simple but it was not. Because this game is a race between teams as we go back and forth from the pile of markers and the Tic- Tac-Toe grid. We are  only allowed to carry one marker at a time as we run towards the grid, we did not win but we are happy that we have tried this game that tests our mind and endurance.

Second is Hungry Hungry Hippo before you always blame your Hippo for losing this game but in Alviera Go Play, you will act as the Hippo to control your fate, we need to collect more plastic balls after two minutes but sad to say, we lose but we really enjoyed this funny game.

Third is Blindfolded Musical Chairs, if you remember this childhood game might sound simple, it's never too simple because besides of dancing while music is playing and once the music stops, we've started to look for the chair while we are blindfolded, I won this game after I've found the chair.

The last one is Dizzy Maze, at first, we said that this is so easy but we are wrong because we wear vision impairing goggles after spinning 10 times and we have to through the maze under 1 minute to get tickets and yes, we did it.

For the complete activities in Alviera Go Play, you may check my previous post -

You will ask also why they have to finish or try all the activities. Because each activity has corresponding tickets and once you have collected tickets, you can exchange those tickets many prizes available or even win the trip for 4 in Boracay. 

And because Alviera Go Play was held in Sandbox Porac Pampanga, some of the visitors brought tickets to experience some extreme activities available in Sandbox like Avatar One Zipline, Free Fall, Aerial Walk, Giant Swing and a lot more. You can check my previous post about Sandbox -

If you want to know why Alviera hosted this kind of event, because Alviera is envisioned to be the region’s foremost lifestyle and business center in the near future. The SandBox, with its many adventure park attractions, is its initial feature. We see it as a taste of the fun and exciting experiences Alviera holds, all done with great respect for the area’s natural landscape. Alviera has hosted a number of signature events and Go Play once again offers that uniquely fun experience that the estate has become known for.


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