Philippine Airlines has been part of Filipino's journeys and milestones for the 75 years. Having a wholehearted service like no other, heartfelt smiles on their faces truly celebrates the Heart of the Filipino.

Philippine Airlines comes up with a new concept, it was started with an idea that blossomed into something great is the birth of the PAL BOUTIQUE. PAL BOUTIQUE is an exhibit store showcasing the fresh and exciting collection that were all made in the Philippines. Or I'd rather say Proudly Gawang Pinoy With pride, according to Mr. Jaime Bautista, President, and Chief Operating Officer. He presented the PAL BOUTIQUE, the first exhibit store, featuring Filipino talent and craftsmanship. They collaborated with local artists and artisans whose passion and uniquely sustainable approach to a high-quality products that redefine the way we live while benefiting communities. In celebrating the Heart of the Filipino with them with this novel offering from PAL. See you at the PAL Boutique.

The  unveiling  of the  initiative was held last  May 24, 2016, at PNB Financial Center Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. Pasay City. It was a great evening of cocktails and music, launches S/S 16: a fusion of iconography, gourmet, and slow luxury.

They showcase the PAL BOUTIQUE's  Collection and Pieces via a fashion show, here are the items available in PAL Boutique.

JOTTER | in Red and Blue for Php 675.00
HOODIES | in Red and Blue S|M|L for Php 1575.00
HONEYCOMB | in MultiColor, Red, and Blue for Php 675.00 
HONEYCOMB | in MultiColor, Red, and Blue for Php 675.00 
PRESS | Heavy Canvass Wallet for Php 775.00
SPORT 75 | in White, Blue Grey S|M|L for Php 575.00
TOTE Php 5000 Miles | PURSE 3000 Miles
PRESS Php. 775.00 | HEAVE Php. 975.00
From the urban brand that brought nationalism back in the fashion, the map has designed the first capsule collection for Philippine Airlines. Team Manila came up with an exclusive nine-piece variety of clothing and accessories with the distinct '75' logo for it signifies Philippine Airlines 75th year, with a youthful aesthetic shown in geometric shapes, sun rays and splashes of blue, red, yellow and white. All designed, cut and sewn in the Philippines.
PAL BEARS | Captain , Stewardess, PAL Bear for Php 2175.00
PAL BEARS | Captain , Stewardess, PAL Bear for Php 2175.00
Sourced and hand-sewn in the Philippines. Each of the 3 PAL Bears has a story to tell and gives back to the community. PAL BEARS by Natalia Lagdameo

Natalia's handcrafted teddy bears are created in collaboration with local communities with each bear patchworks embodying the distinct character, a storytelling of passion, determination, and perseverance to improve lives. The fabrics are locally sourced and up-cycled, supporting local industry and sustainability.
CITY WEEKEND | Php 16,975.00 | FINO
CITY SATCHEL | Php. 9475.00 | FINO
CITY TOURIST | Php 11,975.00 | FINO
Here comes a collaboration between PAL and FINO Leatherware to celebrate the PAL Traveler with limited edition City Bags, 75 pieces per design only are lightweight City Bag that comes in brown coffee leather carefully sourced and stitched in the Philippines.

Other Items available in PAL Boutique

CHEF TONY's Php 175.00 in Butter Icing, Kesong Puti at Kondensada, Royal Peanut Butter, Tablea Tsokolate 
AMENITY KIT | Php. 1275.00 | Bath Origins
TRAVEL WALLET | Php. 775.00 | Jacinto and Lirio made from water hyacinths
DIE CAST 75 | 1:4000 Scale Php. 575.00 | PAL BOUTIQUE 
And at Philippine Airlines Terminal, you can rent a myPAL Roam / Wifi Anywhere for only Php 490.00 per day.

myPAL Roam / Wifi Anywhere
Items available in PAL BOUTIQUE located at the G/F PNB Financial Center. Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. Pasay City is also available  online via PAL Online Boutique and gets it on board as you fly with PAL.

PAL Sky Boutique: Onboard Selected PAL Express Flights
PAL Online Boutique: /   email: inquiries@palboutiqueph
PAL Sky Boutique Duty-Free: Onboard International Flights email:

Article and photos were taken by Aci Girl, IamACEsome’s official representative to the launched of PAL Boutique held at G/F PNB Financial Center. Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. Pasay City.


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