Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza
Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.
“Our dough is always fresh, never frozen.”

After work, we've decided to eat pizza at Papa John’s Pizza in Greenbelt 3 for our snacks. Papa John’s Pizza served pizza, pasta, salad and desserts. We ordered one of their promo for that day, the Mythical 5! Includes 14” party pizza – Super Papa pizza, 1 set of potato wedges, 3 orders of pasta – three cheese, hot salad and crab meat, and 5 regular sodas. The total price for Mythical 5 promo is 999 pesos only.

We enjoyed the food particularly the pizza, which was good and the crab meat pasta also.

Super Papa Pizza

3 Cheese Pasta


Crab Meat Pasta

Hot Salad Pasta

Location: Greenbelt 3 Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contact: 919-4926
Twitter: @PapaJohns -

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Thanks to Rahnee for the photos.

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