Zark's Burger

Zark's Burger

Zark's Burgers has an impressive menu of zesty, succulent dishes. Try out our generous servings of different meals – from rice meals, sandwiches, desserts, and of course, our famous burgers.

Having a burger from Zark's Burgers Shop will make you ask for more. We have good burgers made with our original recipe for our burger patties. Made with premium meat patties and the freshest ingredients, Zark's Burgers will satisfy your craving for mouthwatering, delicious burgers and more!

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This is the first time that I was able to taste the burger at Zark’s, they have a varity of burgers and not so commonly used burger name like jawbreaker, tombstone, chokeslam and a lot more. At that time, there are many foodie that wants to try their burger and that’s the newly open branch of Zark’s Burger at Piazza Mckinley Hill Fort Bonifacio Taguig City. I’ve thought that time someone will going to take the challenge of Zark’s Burger to consume the burger for 5 minutes, the burger are either Jawbreaker or Tombstone.

All their burgers taste the same, but what makes it difference? It is because of their additional toppings and sauces and the way they cooked their patties, not sure if Zark’s Burger cooked their patties rare, medium or well done but that time my burger patty looks rare. I suggest that Zark’s Burger maintain the way they cooked their patties and if they will cooked it rare, medium or well done they should ask their customer.
What we ordered?

Jackhammer for 185 pesos

Nachos Galore for 85 pesos

King James' Tomahawk for 95 pesos

Stone Cold Stunner for 185 pesos

Wings 'N Chips for 120 pesos

Location: The Venice PiazzaUpper McKinley RdMcKinley Hill, Taguig
Other Location:

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Thanks to Cheska for the photos.

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