The awesome reasons for your perfect margarita

Creating a perfect margarita allows every individual to express their drinking arts with the consistency and quality of ingredients, from that, margarita it becomes a very successful and highest selling drink in bars.

As a partygoer, you want to enjoy the night and part of it is to have the best drink that will not sacrifice the quality, it is not how pricey it is but how worth it to drink. You want to be satisfied when your drink it that you even order a lot of it but within your capability. 

We know that one of the popular cocktails nowadays is margarita it became more popular when it featured in one of the top magazine and magazine website called Cosmopolitan and if you are a Sex and the city fanatic, you will obviously like margarita.

What makes a perfect margarita? The answer may be as complex or as varied as the genesis of this very popular drink - the margarita is ranked as the world’s third most popular cocktail and is considered to be the staple summer drink all over the globe. A perfect margarita should be refreshing and tasty without being overly sugary or strong.

Though a perfect margarita may be all about personal preferences, there are basic rules on making your margarita the best tasting one. It is all about using the best ingredients: the finest 100% blue agave tequila, the best orange liqueur, the freshest limes and the cleanest salts. This is why the world’s finest tequila and best orange liqueur companies have come together to give you: YOUR PERFECT MARGARITA

To be able to share the key component of what is perfect margarita is? Casa Noble tequila and Cointreau are teamed up to let the consumers be aware in creating a perfect margarita. So, to give you some background of the two top margarita’s ingredients. The two ingredients are used by most of mixologists and bartenders when making their signature margaritas. 

Casa Noble, produced since the 1700’s, is one of only three organic tequila manufactured worldwide.  Over 3,000 acres of blue agave grown on the Casa Noble estate are harvested, cooked in stone ovens, fermented, and then distilled three times.  The tequila is then stored in silver oak barrels from 364 days and up to five years, to create an elegant tasting tequila. 

Cointreau, categorized orange liqueur categorized as a triple sec, is best to use to produce the sweet light and tangy flavor in the cocktail. Uniquely, Cointreau is more than a liqueur with its orange fragrance revealing the true soul of a delicious margarita while marrying the taste of Parisian art de Vivre! 

So, to all margarita lovers, make sure you are always updated because they organized a MARGARITA BAR CRAWL that will bring the perfect margarita to you! Your Perfect Margarita will be bringing select bloggers and media to the top bars and lounges in Metro Manila in August! They are on a mission to taste the best version of Your Perfect Margarita!

Follow them on their official social media platforms: Instagram (@YourPerfectMargarita) and Facebook ( to get the latest information on schedules and venues and read up on margarita recipes using Casa Noble and Cointreau!

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