New OPPO Mirror 5 “A Spark of Brilliance”

Last August 13, 2015. The OPPO has finally launched their new smartphone at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium, the OPPO Mirror 5. Aside from the OPPO Mirror 5 launched, they also reveal their new local brand ambassador, Sarah Geronimo.

According to OPPO Philippines CEO James Ma, “We at OPPO Philippines are very happy to finally launch the OPPO Mirror 5 in the Philippines,” he also added that “Filipino users demand nothing less than the best kind of mobile experience, and this is precisely what the Mirror 5 delivers – great performance combined with great aesthetics.”

Unboxing the OPPO Mirror 5

The device comes with a USB 2.0 cable, wall charger adapter, warranty card, and headset.

What makes OPPO Mirror 5 different from another smartphone?

1. It gives “A Spark of Brilliance”

Underneath the attractive surface is an innovative internal structure reinforced with a bi-metallic frame and cross beams for exceptional strength and durability, coming together to create a tough skeleton within. The 5-inch display is an ideal size to fit in the palm with fantastic image quality and entertainment that is truly pleasurable and enjoyable on the go.

As its slogan suggests, the Mirror 5 is a perfect interpretation of its design philosophy, "wisdom and innovation, shining above the ordinary". With a unique diamond-like mirrored surface, the OPPO Mirror 5 is a feast for the eyes. Designed with individual cut-glass segments consisting of different reflective properties, all crafted using a sophisticated ultraviolet embossing technique, the Mirror 5 provides a stunning finish that comes in both white and blue color options.

SRP: P9,990.00

OPPO Mirror 5 Basic Specs

Display: 5"
Processor: Quad-core 1.2GHz
Rear Camera: 8MP
Front Camera: 5MP
Resolution: 960x540 Pixels
OS: Color OS 2.1 (based on Android 5.1)
Storage: 16GB (expandable up to 128GB)
Battery Capacity: 2420mAh
Key Selling Points: Pure Image 2.0+, ColorOS 2.1 (based on android 5.1), Smart Remote, Diamond-like mirrored surface

2. Experience a Robust Performance

Under the hood is the ColorOS 2.1, the latest OPPO OS

The Mirror 5 relies on the brand new ColorOS 2.1. Based on Android 5.1, OPPO’s new OS provides a faster, steadier, and overall enhanced user experience. Besides the new UI and extended themes available, ColorOS comes with fast activation speeds, smooth and steady sliding, as well as more memory and power, in which key application scenes have been optimized. Thanks to self-optimization and the more reliable Android 5.1, the stability of ColorOS 2.1 has been greatly improved.

Under the hood is a power-packed Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core 410 64-bit processor with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, bringing fast and seamless multitasking between games, programs, and applications. The Mirror 5 offers 3G with super-high speeds, dual-SIM slots, and SD card support of up to 128GB, helping users balance their workload and personal needs.

It also has a specialized three-in-one efficient management and organization function that can automatically sort, transfer, and manage icons by batches. What’s more is its automatic memory garbage clearing process that is initiated every 10 minutes of being idle.

3. It will create that spark in your life

The Mirror 5 is not simply a device built with appearance and performance in mind – its goal is to bring a spark of creativity to life.

The Mirror 5 comes equipped with a 5 MP front camera with selfie fillight and an 8MP rear camera, making for stunning selfies and landscape photos. With greater photosensitivity for low light conditions and a swift exposure time to minimize blurring, as well as the newly enhanced Pure Image 2.0+ engine, you can look forward to consistently superior images.

Smart feature is an area where OPPO is investing a great deal of time and effort. The Ultra-responsive remote control function of the Mirror 5 empowers users to take control of various household appliances using their phone with stronger, more sensitive signals from lengthy distances. And the platform also supports online updates of appliance compatibility to ensure total household control.

Intuitive Remote Control

The OPPO Mirror 5 was launched back in July in other countries and has now made its way to the local market. Equipped with its unique diamond-patterned back; OPPO’s latest OS, the ColorOS 2.1; and a host of smart functions, the Mirror 5 is a strong contender for the best phone in its price range. The newly launched Mirror 5 is locally priced at PHP 9,990.00.

A star not only for a night

Sarah Geronimo, the face of OPPO Mirror 5

Along with their premiere of the Mirror 5, OPPO also revealed their first local brand ambassador at the launch event. OPPO had been teasing the public about their new brand ambassador for weeks in social media, and so the reveal of popular pop singer Sarah Geronimo was greeted with much enthusiasm.

Prior to the contract signing, which also happened at the event, Sarah performed two of her latest songs to the glee of the crowd.

“I’m excited to work with OPPO,” Sarah said, regarding the contract signing. “They’re the type of company I want to be with.”

During the launched, Sarah Geronimo was asked why she like OPPO. She said that OPPO is perfect because it has quality but not pricey and perfect for all of us, we also want to stand out while holding our mobile phone, OPPO looks elegant, expensive but not pricey, very nice, and cool.

Other questions for Sarah Geronimo.

What function that Sarah really like about OPPO? It’s internet capability so that you are aware what is happening while on the road, when you are stuck in traffic you can surf and also help you get the directions or alternate route. And off course camera, because she likes to take pictures, OPPO has a lot of cool features.

Why does she choose to endorse OPPO? Who wouldn’t be to part of OPPO, they are so great and I’m so thankful and hopefully are partnership will last longer.

Why OPPO mirror 5? It catches my eyes the first time I saw OPPO Mirror 5, because of its expensive looks in back design (diamond design), a unique design which is one of OPPO trademark.

Why OPPO chose Sarah Geronimo?

“We chose Sarah as our first ambassador because we think she’s an ideal fit for OPPO. She brings an unmatched combination of freshness and elegance to the table, and that’s what we want in an endorser.” According to James Ma, OPPO Philippines CEO.

For more information about OPPO Mirror 5, like their Facebook page OPPOPhilippines, you can also follow OPPO in Twitter and Instagram @OPPOphilipines

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