Ssup Bro?!?! Bronuts!

Ssup Bro?!?! Bronuts!

After office, I and my colleagues went to SM Aura for window shopping :), actually they bought some clothes at Uniqlo. After that we walked around SM Aura to check some restaurant that we can try for our next visit probably next pay day.

Then while walking around we saw Bronuts!!!!!! Stall at the food court, and then we decided to buy two of the many best seller flavors.

Hijo de Leche - buttery and but not too sweet with a great balance of flavors

Super Floss - Spicy meat floss slathered on top and in the middle of the sweet Bronut dough with a light mayo spread, we really like this flavor.

Actually this is my second time to try cronut at Bronuts, I've already tasted the popular Belgian Chocolate with salted caramel in the middle. It is too sweet but I like it.

The other flavors that haven't tried yet are;

Cream Cheese and Bacon - cream cheese topping with sour cream filling and bacon bits inside

Blueberries and Cream - sweet blueberry on the outside, sour blueberry on the inside with custard filling

Strawberry Yogurt - Strawberry jam is mixed with yogurt.

Pylones Bronuts - with buttercream and strawberry jam.

PMS - a red bronut with tobleron wedge with pure melted Tobleron on top and cream cheese filling

Li'l Bros - 7 pops of flaky croissant with your choice of all american chocolate and old fashioned caramel dips.

All bronuts are priced 110 per piece and 600 for a box of 6.

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Location: 2/F SM Aura Premier Food court

Thanks to Ada for the photos.

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