Dinner at Bag O' Shrimps

Dinner at Bag O' Shrimps

Not sure if this is still a dinner or a midnight snacks, me and my office mates decided to have a dinner at Tuscany Mckinley Hill, if I still remembered it was at 8 PM but because they are all busy at work we end up at 11 pm. Then we went down in our building and we started to walked around Tuscany and we are still lucky because some restaurants are still open at that time. After 15 minutes of walked and thinking where to eat, we end up at Bag O' Shrimps. This is our first time and we are excited to taste their foods and what they can offer to their customers. When we entered the crews are watching a movie but I forgot the title :) , one of the crew said that they are still open until 12 midnight. 

Then we sat and started to ordered, we asked what the best seller is and guess what? Its shrimps with bag O’ momma sauce! We are not surprised but we are excited to taste it, so we ordered that with international sausage as add ons and we ordered also some dishes like dynamite and crispy calamari and rice. While waiting for our ordered to be serving, we tour around the restaurant.

The restaurant has second level and seeing the table arrangement, I think they can accommodate up to 30 people. They also have their own washroom and the interior designed looks like you are at the yacht.

After 15 minutes of waiting, are food are ready to served, first dish is dynamite. It has a cheese inside the green chili and it was covered of lumpia wrapper. If you are a chili lover you will like it and it was good.

Next dish, the bag of shrimps with bag O’ momma sauce and with international sausage as add ons. The taste was good and we all loved it, the sauce is not so hot, it is just mild and perfect with their rice. One of my office mate said that it was so delicious and planning to eat again here.

Then the last dish, the crispy calamari and I think everyone knows what is it, a slice of squid coated with flour with mustard sauce.

We all enjoy their food and the crews are really good and easy to talk to and even when we asked to take us some pictures not once but many times, she just smile :) . And better to eat with your hands!

Bag O' Shrimps restaurant are open until 11 pm from Monday to Thursday and until 12 midnight from Friday to Sunday.

Another dish that I've tried is Crab Bomb Stick

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Location: Tuscany McKinley Hill, 1634 Taguig(02) 585 2789

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