Ice Cream: Make Your Own Magnum

Ice Cream: Make Your Own Magnum

How to make your own Magnum Ice Cream?

1st: Visit Magnum Manila at SM Aura 5th floor or ask the guards.

2nd: Ask for the brochure at the entrance to see the menu or sample of Magnum design

3rd: Pay 100 pesos at the cashier

4th: Select up to 3 toppings, choices; chopped pistachios, freeze dried rapberries, roasted almonds, parmesan popcorn, chocolate crunch balls, dried mangoes, yoghurt nubs, gold nuggets, honeycomb bits, potato chips, chili flakes, sea salt flakes, pretzel double, speculoos cookies, crushed oreos and pop rocks.

5th: Select your magnum ice cream, choices; vanilla or chocolate

6th: Select your magnum dips, choices; white chocolate, milk chicolate, dark chocolate and limited edition magnum gold

7th: Time to put the toppings you choose.

8th: Select your magnum drizzles, same choices as dips.

9th: To put the Magnum chocolate coin

10th: Results!

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