Tree Top Adventure in Baguio City – Offers a new style for your Team Building!

Tree Top Adventure in Baguio City, offers motorized Team Building facilities in the Philippines in which participants would be challenged physically, mentally and even emotionally. As part of our bloggers getaway in Baguio City, we're able to experience  the team building facilities in Tree Top Adventure. We're group into 3 (blue, green and red team) and we are all amazed of their motorized equipment and even their other activities are all new to me. One of the activities that I’ve enjoyed the most is, Gem Drop, were your team have to assigned a leader to facilitate and instruct each member who’s going to release the rope or who’s going to pull the rope to successful drop the metal shapes objects in each corresponding shape hole and once your team finished the task, you will hear a sounds and a lights will come out.

Here are the list of the activities we've able to experienced that day at Tree Top Adventure in Camp John Hay Baguio City.
Photo Credit: Eric Tan
Plank Step
Each team member must travel from one station to another without touching the floor using only the planks provided

Photo Credit: Eric Tan
Team members are given pipes which they would use to transfer a ping pong ball from one station to another without letting the ball fall to the ground.

Photo Credit: Jace Mendoza
ABC Game
Team members are blindfolded forming two lines back to back with their teammates. Each member says one letter from the alphabet, as the team tries to recite all the letters in proper sequence.

Photo Credit: Eric Tan
Loop Lift
Using only your index fingers, each team member tries to lower a loop until a certain height, practicing team patience and coordination.

Photo Credit: Eric Tan
Bar Lifter Balancer
A bar lifting challenge that also requires marbles be balanced in bars; a fun game that tests your team’s patience and coordination skills.

Photo Credit: Jace Mendoza
Gem Drop
Hone your coordination skills to accomplish a perfect cube drop using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible

Photo Credit: Eric Tan
Treasure Hunt
Team members are given pieces of a map that they need to form to see the bigger picture and determine the location of the treasure.

Photo Credit: Charming Lani
The winning team of this team building is Blue Team consist of the employee from Azalea Hotel and Residences, Green Team is the 1st runner up and Red Team is the 2nd runner up. Both Green and Red team consist  of bloggers and I'm part of the Green Team, although the main goal of this activities is to win but aside from winning are the team experienced and how each team activities accomplished each activity. Each activity should have a leader and each member should also contribute that will help the team finished each task. Trust and Respect are also one of the key points to succeed in this activities and most important are the team camaraderie.

To see some of their facilities if you are planning to book your team building in the next level, kindly check the other photos below together will the package details in the below website. In their packages, it includes the facilitator, team building kits, and team certificates and you have a choice or you can customize your activities that only Tree Top Adventure can offer and other packages also include meals.

Photo Credit: Eric Tan
After your team building and if ever you’re still want to experience the extreme adventure, why not try also Tree Top Adventure extreme activities. They have unique outdoor activities divided into slow paced and fast paced activities.One slow paced activity is the Canopy which is similar to the concept of a cable car, but, you’ll be seated on cable chairs in which you’ll be transferring from one station to another until you complete all stations. It will let you see the forest and appreciate nature from the top of the trees. The entire ride can carry four persons at a time in which you’ll be transferring from one station to anotherIf you prefer to just walk around the area and fill your eyes with a spectacular view, you could avail the Trekking, Funicular, and Skywalk. For the fast-paced activities and heart pounding activities, one might want to try the Superman Ride, a horizontal motorized zip line in which you’ll be soaring back and forth seeing the beautiful view of Baguio City. If you literally want to surf in the air, you could try the Silver Surfer, an inclined zip line that swings you back and forth between two trees. If you want to experience the most extreme activity, you should try Tree Drop in which you’ll be suspended 60 feet above the ground, mission impossible style and you’ll be dropped in a matter of seconds only.

Tree Drop
Photo Credit: Eric Tan 

Photo Credit: Eric Tan
Canopy Ride

Photo Credit: Dianne Salonga
Silver Surfer

Photo Credit: Charming Lani

Photo Credit: Dianne Salonga

Photo Credit: Eric Tan
Superman Ride

From the seven Tree Top Adventure extreme activities, I enjoyed the Tree Drop and Superman Ride, both are something different extreme experienced. 

Although that day was so tiring but we are all happy because all the activities and extreme adventure we’re able to experience and I will guarantee anyone who wants to book in Tree Top Adventure will surely enjoy and will be happy like what I've experienced. This is once in a lifetime experience and you only leave once in your life, so what are you waiting for? Book now! :)

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

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Loakan Road, Baguio City
T: +6374 442-0800
M: +63932 404-1112
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