Cardimax : Students pitch for a real-world advertising campaign

Fast-rising supplement brand to implement ideas by advertising students

CardiMax, a fast-rising dietary supplement, recently gave the advertising students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations program a chance to further practice their marketing skills in ADCon 2015: Lay your Cards to the Max at the Eastwood Central Plaza in preparation for their future careers.

Sponsored by CardiMax, the ADCon had 7 groups from sophomore and senior years who pitched their different 2016 advertising campaigns to the company. The strategies, requiring intensive research on the brand's product roster and target audience, included commercial, print, and radio ads, as well as jingles and a suggested promotional contest.

As a subsidiary of the annual AdClash college advertising competition and culminating activity for the graduating students, the ADCon was organized to provide second-year students a taste of the competition and a chance to challenge the most experienced seniors.

“This event was purely for the benefit of the students,” said PUP advertising professor Elizabeth Torres-Santos, one of ADCon's main organizers. “We want them to experience how the world of advertising works, so we hold these kinds of events every year.”

The students outlined their strategies to a panel of judges, composed of CardiMax executives and PUP advertising professors and alumni, in scenarios that closely mirror actual, professional pitches. The groups were judged on their live presentations, written output, and their overall impact.

N1NJA from BAPR-4-1N came out on top, bagging the championship for this year’s ADCon with their advertising campaign anchored on the big idea PURE L-Carnitine. Entitled “xx”, their big idea is a word play that is translated to Power Up your Regular Energy with L- Carnitine. 

John Neil Zapanta, the leader of the group, says about the win, “All of our hard work and sleepless nights were worth it. We, as a team and class, really put our best into this, and we’re happy to have won! We’re really grateful to CardiMax for funding this event and letting us experience it.”

The winning group received 20,000 pesos from CardiMax, along with a chance to have its strategy implemented in 2016.

Katheryn Feliciano
VP for Operations of Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc.
“All of the pitches were very impressive. They really exceeded our expectations with their new ideas and perspectives on how to promote our product,” says Katheryn Feliciano, the VP for Operations of Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc. “The marketing strategies were professionally made, and you can just see the passion in them to give their best. We’re very happy to have sponsored the event because it was really worthwhile.”

CardiMax is a food supplement containing 100% L-Carnitine, a substance that transforms stored fats into energy. Having been in production since the 2000’s, CardiMax is a product perfect for any individual with an active and healthy lifestyle, thanks to its energy boosting properties and sugar-free content.

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