New Summer Treats from Jollibee

Mix ‘N Shake up your summer with Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins 
and Cookies & Cream Shake

Make everyday summer adventures exciting and satisfying with the delightful dessert creaminess of the new Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake, available for a limited time only at all Jollibee outlets nationwide starting March 2, 2015.

With its clear blue skies, golden sun, gentle breeze and warm weather that are just perfect for outdoor fun, summer is surely one season that everyone looks forward to. And since it happens only once a year, you can make the most of summer by taking on adventures that are not only exciting but also refreshing, especially with Jollibee’s latest dessert treats, the new Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake.

Reese’s Mix-Ins 

Cookies & Cream Shake

Fans of Reese’s chocolate will surely find a new favorite in Jollibee’s Reese’s Mix-Ins, which brings together creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream and the #1 chocolate peanut butter cup in the world in one luscious cup of pure summer delight. Another sweet offering is the Cookies & Cream Shake, which offers a delicious combination of creamy vanilla soft-serve, milk and crushed cookies for a truly indulging, rich and satisfying treat.

I was able to taste Jollibee latest summer desserts treats and I was impressed the way they make this desserts not only the taste but also the ideas. The place was decorated like you we we’re at the beach, Lauren Uy one of the popular fashion blogger was also there to witness the launch together with the team of Jollibee that created this new idea for summer and all the bloggers to taste the new summer desserts treats from Jollibee. 

Reese’s Mix-Ins, I really enjoy it because of its creamy flavor that everyone will loved it with the crunchiness in every bites of reese’s and with the delightful vanilla flavor. The other one which is also perfect for summer is their Cookies & Cream Shake, perfect combination of its creamy vanilla and cookies. 

For only P45 each, Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake are definitely summer’s most refreshing and affordable dessert treats. The Reese’s Mix-Ins is available as an add-on to your favorite langhap-sarap Value Meals for only P35. While the Cookies & Cream Shake is available as a Value Meal upgrade for only P25.

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