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RTL CBS ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRATES SUMMER IN MANILA, The RTL CBS Entertainment Summer Fair brings the best in today’s television to the Philippines.

As a television viewer, I make sure that I patronize a station that produced good shows that I will be hooked to follow that show. I like the show that will give me some thrill, suspense, and excitement. Thanks to RTL CBS for always producing a nice show and extending each show with so much more to watch for their audience.

Jennifer Batty
(Executive Vice President, Programming)
So, I make sure that I am available that time for me to witness the announcement for their new shows and new seasons of existing shows and what they really want you to experience. As what Jennifer Batty (Executive Vice President, Programming) said in that event, that coming up very soon is fresh from the US on June 17, they will have season 3 of Beauty and the Beast; July 1, they will have Academy Award winner Halle Berry coming back for the Season 2 of Extant then the following week, they have season 3 of Under The Dome fresh from the US. All this fabulous shows coming up very soon.

In making RTL CBS Entertainment the destination for great entertainment with drama series, late night drama series, entertainment tonight being the number one entertainment news show in the world, they also holds some prestigious awards this year like American Music Awards, Golden Globe Awards, People Magazine Awards, Billboard Music Awards and a lot more, you name it they have it. All of these awards shows will be coming back this all incoming 2016, they will broadcast it all from the US live.

To give you the other list of their new shows and upcoming new seasons, here are some of it.

Beauty and the Beast
Season 3 Xpress from the US! Brand New Season Premieres June 17 Wednesday at 9:00pm

Your Family or Mine
Brand New Show First and Exclusive Premieres June 26, Friday at 9:00pm

Under the Dome
Season 3 Xpress from the US! First and Exclusive! Brand New Season Two-hour Premiere July 1, Wednesday at 9:55pm

Season 2 Xpress from US! First and Exclusive Brand New Season Two-hour Premiere July 14, Tuesday at 9:55pm

House of Cards
Season 4 Coming in Early 2016 First and Exclusive Xpress from the US!

Season 4 Coming in October Xpress from the US!

The X Factor
Season 12 Coming in September Xpress from the UK!

Close Up Kings
First and Exclusive Premieres June 26 Friday at 10pm

Halo Night Fall
First and Exclusive Premieres August 22 Saturday at 9:35pm

First and Exclusive June 6 & 7 Saturday & Sunday Starts at 7:45pm

And having that announcements, the group of media was also experienced some fun things like, designing your own mini donuts from Krispy Kreme, the kids of some media personnel was able to enjoy their new balloon art they want with the help of balloon artist, while kids waiting for their balloons they also enjoy eating their cotton candy, some media guest was able to customize their free yogurt by participating in Globe customize your plan, then all guest was able to get a free hotdog on stick from Purefoods and able to get some free products and beat the heat with free one scoop of Baskin Robbins in each guest and free cold drinks from C500.

Krispy Kreme
Globe and PureFoods

Baskin Robbins
Besides from all the freebies, media guest was able to experienced The X Factor audition that most of media guest tried their singing prowess. A free photo in RTL CBS photo booth with lots of props you can use even costumes and wigs. 

Photo Booth

The X Factor Audition
The RTL CBS Entertainment marched into Bonifacio Global City with a full-blown carnival-style Summer Fair on May 29 and 30. Opened to the public, the RTL CBS Entertainment Summer Fair was held at the High Street Activity Center where it brought exciting activities for the entire family. The event was hosted by Fabio Ide, one of the highlights of that event is the eating of Baskin Robbins ice cream, the less ice cream left will win the challenge. I am one of the contestant pairs with other media guest, but unfortunately we're not able to win the challenge. 

With a dedicated feed in the Philippines that allows better customization and support from their local partners, RTL CBS Entertainment is your destination channel for family entertainment in the Philippines.RTL CBS Entertainment is available on Sky Cable Ch. 53 (SD) & Ch. 196 (HD), Destiny Cable Ch. 53, Cable Link Ch.37 (SD) & Ch.313 (HD) and Dream Satellite Ch.17.

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