Fil-Mex Cantina

After our sweet tasting at egg it, we decided to walk around Kapitolyo to find a restaurant to feed our stomach for dinner. So, after 30 minutes walked around while seeing some restaurants we end up in Silantro, our first reaction "wow, blockbuster" then when I asked the last number in their list for waiting, it was a total of 10 waiting to be seated so I asked the waiter to add my name next. Checking the place, they have 12 to 13 tables and the place was near the church, some people that are visiting the church will possible eat at Silantro after the mass.

While waiting to be seated, I already make an advanced ordered. We ordered their bestsellers drink, Fresh Dalandan Juice. For the appetizers, we ordered Silantro's Quesadillas and Beef Nachos. For main course, we ordered Silantro's Burrito and Silantor's Pork Ribs. After we've seated at 7:30 PM, they served us water and our Dalandan juice and every after 10 minutes they served our food, beef nachos, pork chops, quesadillas and the last is burrito. 

Silantro's Quesadillas - P160

Silantro's Burrito - P180

Silantro's Pork Ribs - P250

Beef Nachos - P180

Beef Nachos - P180

Fresh Dalandan Juice - P90

Fresh Dalandan Juice - P90

Sauces (guacamole, chili sauce guacamole and garlic salt)

All the food was good and even the sauces (guacamole, chili sauce and garlic sauce). We all enjoy the food and we rate it 8 from 1 to 9, although the food was good but they have to make the place bigger to accommodate more customers and the service , they should make it more fast in preparing the food but they are good in fill in up our water and dip #popnapop.

Location: 75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact: (02)654 9657
Store Hours:  11:00am to 11:00pm 
Instagram: @silantrofilmexcantina_pasig 

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  1. Mhhhm, the food looks very delicious. One of the best things about travelling is to discover a lot of new delicious meals! :)

    Mimi's Bulletin

    1. you should visit this place and try their food,

      thanks Mimi for visiting my blog site. :)