Mad Mark's Creamery & Good Eats

Mad Mark's Creamery and Good Eats

This is my third time at Mad Mark's but first time at this branch, why I always go back here? Because of their famous dessert, homemade ice cream available only at Mad Mark's. Mad Mark's also known for their Grilled Steak, a choice of sauce and two side dish. So, what is the usual ordered of their customer? Steak and ice cream for dessert. But they also served different meal like chicken meal, salad, fries and a lot more.

Grilled Steak with cream mushroom sauce, smashed potato and grilled corn cob

Some said that you will never leave this restaurant without trying their famous ice cream, you should try their half-baked madagascar, javan hot chocolate and roasted pecan. And famous sauce for steak is cream mushroom sauce and for the side dish, you must try smashed potato and buttered corn.

Half Baked Madagascar
Roasted Pecan

Javan Hot Chocolate

I worked at Taguig but because I craved for ice cream and steak, instead of going home early I went to Mad Mark's at Glorietta 5 Ayala Makati City and I'm with my office mates. All the food that we ordered are tastes good.

The Man Sandwich
Creole Grilled Chicken with johnny double black sauce, bacon potato salad and grilled corn cob

Then after two days, we decided again to go back here and ordered ice cream before going home. But now we are a group of 4, so four scoop of different ice cream flavors.

“Always Leave Room for Ice Cream”

"Made from Scratch, Honest Ice Cream"

For complete list of menu please check this site -


23 East Capitol DriveKapitolyo, Pasig (02) 342-6802

@Glorietta 5
Second Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City 02 9497591

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Instagram - @Madmarkscreamery

Thanks to Jeff and Ada for the pictures.

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